New Fallen London Event: Election 1894

By Failbetter, June 17, 2016 · Fallen London

The year is 1894, and London is to have a Mayor! Election is the first new festival since 2014 when we began the Fruits of the Zee Festival.

The Election is free and is open to all players. It will begin Monday 4th July. Players will have two delicious weeks to bolster support for their chosen candidate through a variety of actions. At the end of the first week of Election, we will announce which candidate is ahead. The final day of Election will be Monday 18th July.

Election Posters

Join the revelry through the “An Election! London Must Decide!” storylet once the festival begins. The three candidates up for the 1894 Election are:

  • Sinning Jenny
  • The Bishop of Southwark
  • and The Jovial Contrarian

The elected Mayor will reign for one year, after which another election will be held. The winning candidate will have a Mayoral influence in your Opportunity Deck until next year’s election, so consider who you support carefully. After the festival, there will be an opportunity to suggest candidates you’d like to see take up a Mayoral campaign next year.

No Election is complete without fliers, political cartoons, and other such materials. We invite you all to create and share your own! We cannot wait to see who you will choose, delicious friends.

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Wriothesley Jun 21, 7:04pm

This sounds great, it's a festival that actually has game-wide effects based on player choices?