Open Submissions for Writer-Designers

By Failbetter, June 8, 2015 · Failbetter

Update, Feb 2018: We are not currently accepting speculative applications. If you found this via a direct link, or the magic of google, please ignore it. Thank you!

Failbetter is a delicious place to work, with a world-class reputation for storytelling. We’ve just added a writer to the team, and we have a small stable of freelancers – but our needs continue to grow, and we are always looking for talent. So we’re now accepting speculative applications for writer-designers.

To help us find the best candidates quickly, we’ve got a minimum entry criterion and a simple writing-designing task – information on how to apply is here.

Good luck!


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Hannah Flynn Jun 8, 3:52pm

Hello! We did have a vacancy for a writer recently, but I'm afraid it has already closed. If we have another, we'll mention it on the @failbettergames twitter. Thanks for your interest!

Beverly Peders May 18, 3:02pm

Hello, I am a screenwriter who recently started a collaboration on a psychological horror visual novel with a friend and someone suggested I could take some notes off Fallen London's story lines, dialogue, etc and so far I have been utterly enchanted and thrilled with every story line and the unique choices and outcomes. I dare not play or will lose all motivation on my projects, but I would like to inquire about an opportunity to join your writing team. I have never before felt so removed from reality and transported to a world with such a well-developed atmosphere that you can smell the sulfur and rot. It would be a pleasure to continue down this road of tasteful horror. If you wish to know more about me, I will leave a link to my LinkedIn and Portfolio below. Thank you for your time. Beverly Peders