SKYFARER Competition

By Hannah Flynn, September 28, 2018 · Sunless Skies

Skyfarers! We hope you’ve been enjoying our free pen and paper RPG and the additional story supplement from Chris! It’s been great to hear so much excitement since we released it, and hopefully many of you are now organising into play groups to give it a whirl. Which brings me to:

Skyfarer Competition

Tell us a sky story to win fabulous prizes!

In no more than five tweets, tell us something fantastic which happened during a play session of SKYFARER. Funny, silly, strange, spooky – we love them all. Pictures welcome!

Tag your tweets #skyfarercomp to enter.

The Prizes

Two winning groups will receive:

A deluxe GM’s edition of SKYFARER including a printed copy, dice and correspondence-scorched game tokens

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Sunless Sea, Zubmariner, Sunless Skies and 100 Fate for every member of your party!

Entries will be accepted until 31 December and announced in the new year, after rigorous judging by members of Failbetter staff. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions


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Mordaine Barimen Nov 29, 10:26pm

I was quite interested up until I saw the bit about requiring Twitter usage. Nevermind...

Preeda Oct 11, 8:19pm

The dice and tokens look *amazing*. In lieu of my story telling powress, could I offer monies instead? I'm very prepared to pay a reasonable-for-a-student price for it!