Sunless Skies Closed Alpha

By Failbetter, May 23, 2017 · Alpha Sunless Skies

In order to help us find and fix bugs during Sunless Skies development, we will be holding a closed alpha, beginning 5th June!


This alpha will help us find technical bugs and discover initial player experience within the framework of Sunless Skies.

If you are interested in being involved with the development of the game and aiding the production of Sunless Skies, we’d love to have you join our alpha list. Joining the alpha means experiencing Sunless Skies in a very unpolished state, without all features implemented, and plenty of bugs.

If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, it’s best to wait for Early Access, which will begin this summer, where players will be able to experience a more complete piece of Sunless Skies while we’re still in development. Early Access will start with a single region available to players in a close-to-finished state.

Alpha testing will begin the 5th of June and run until the end of July. During this time, we will invite people from the alpha list in batches to help us test Sunless Skies, so it’ll be important to keep an eye on your email for your invitation link.


  • Must have a Steam account you can use
  • PC/Mac/Linux operating system

We’re looking for a variety of people to help us test the alpha!

  • People who have played Failbetter games before
  • PC gamers who haven’t played our games before (especially RPG fans)
  • Players with accessibility requirements, so we can build Sunless Skies with specific accessibility feedback in mind
  • People who have QA or previous testing experience (though not required!)

For those invited, we’d of course ask you to install and play the Sunless Skies alpha. Each batch will be involved for at least two weeks, though you are free to help us test until the alpha ends! We will be looking for you to report any bugs you find, along with your general thoughts on the game so far.

If all of that sounds good to you, we’d love to have you help us test Sunless Skies! We expect to be inundated with requests, so it’s important to note that joining the list doesn’t guarantee being invited to the alpha.

Join our alpha signup list!

 TL;DR Summary:

  • This is a closed alpha, so not everyone is guaranteed to get in
  • Only join the alpha if you don’t mind an unpolished state of play full of bugs
  • You need a Steam account to help us test
  • PC/Mac/Linux alpha will start 5th June
  • alpha will close at the end of July
  • You will not be able to carry through your character into Early Access


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Markin Anderson Aug 27, 9:50pm

The Alpha testing is really important for any of the developed system or the application Without the alpha testing an app cannot be taken further for the live project. The alpha testing makes sure that the application is working and there is no bug in the software.

kaeln Jun 8, 9:47pm

alpha playtested many games played sunless sea and fallen london

Katherine Buechner Jun 7, 2:18am

I'm really interested in seeing what you are doing re: accessibility. I personally benefit from features such as variable text size and keyboard remapping, and my job entails doing accessibility audits of my company's ecommerce sites. Obviously, I'm interested in everything else, too.

Isaac Brock Jun 3, 4:44am

I'm a mature retired gamer with nothing else to do and all the time in the world to play test developing projects and willing and able to provide meaningful feedback to ensure the best product and experience possible to the end user. I've been play testing game on Steam for almost a decade now and can support PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Kind regards, _maC i7-7700k/32GB/GTX-970tix2@2560x1440 Win7x32/Win10x64/macOS_10.12/Ubuntu 14.04

lo_zero Jun 2, 9:09am

I'm a streamer at webTV cooldown TV and I run a news stream on Beta, early and alphas by the way is there a NDA ? regards

LUNBOKZ May 29, 8:09am

I want in on this more than i can express! I need more Sunless in my life!

Kelson Smith May 28, 12:18am

Hello, I am a massive fan of your games. I've put probably 100+ hours into Fallen London and Sunless Sea, (and way to much money on Fate in Fallen London), and have backed the Sunless Skies kick starter. I'm a software developer intern, and have done some QA testing in an Agile team I am a passionate gamer, and an beginner game developer myself (just learning Unity for now). I'd love the opportunity to experience and contribute to the development process of a major indie game, even if in a very minor way

Ricky Marwah May 25, 11:23am

The right man in the wrong place, can make all the difference in the world

Brian May 24, 8:12pm

Hi Team, I fit the bullets points listed. I've never played a failbetter game. I am a sole RPG player. I'm a Business Analysis by day (QA constructive master) and a gamer by night. My system is a wonderful Dell laptop.. i7, 1tb ssd, nvidia 1050 4gb ddr5, 16 gb ddr4 ram. And 4 k resolution. I can help.

Nathanael Keller May 24, 7:24pm

I really enjoyed sunless seas, really looking forward to taking to the high wilderness!

Mark Irvin May 24, 4:52pm

Eager to help and gain experience.

Corbin Stygstra May 24, 12:43am

Two decades of QA/QC testing. Interested in helping people who care about their games.

matthew kendall May 23, 11:11pm

just curious since ill be buying the game anyway but will testers gain access to the game on launch? also i have a somewhat old computer will this help in allowing options for gamers who have not as good computers?

Phillip McDaniel May 23, 11:09pm

I have played Sunless Seas/Submariner. Haven't been in a closed alpha before, but I like the idea of hunting for bugs. Have done speed running and glitch hunting for other games. I like trying to replicate certain things in a game's system (rules) that are unintended. I lack game dev jargon, but will try to be through with my play experience when encountering anything unintended.

Gabriel Block May 23, 9:39pm

I am a Kickstarter backer and I would love a chance to see the early version of the game

Jason Hartley May 23, 9:37pm

Can I test it please.

Ryan Winters May 23, 7:43pm

Alpha please.

Samuel Croft May 23, 4:52pm

Steam account: MRawesomeSC I have a HP laptop with Windows 10 on it which I used to play Sunless Sea and Fallen London. I backed $75 for Sunless Skies (super hyped about that T-Shirt) because I want to do all I can to help this game be the best it can be.

Daniel Milne May 23, 4:31pm

I have been a long time player of Fallen London and following this game with great interest. I would be happy to help out and ensure the game is as polished as it can be at launch.