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This roadmap serves as a guide to what will enter the game, when and in what order; occasionally the dates and order will change or additional updates will be inserted.

Sunless Skies entered Early Access on Steam and Games in Development on GOG on 30 August 2017

released 25th October, 2017
Engine Yards, Legacies, Banks, Character Creation
Accompanying Video: FBG Podcast 19

released 29th November, 2017
A new system for populating areas in-game
Accompanying Video: FBG Podcast 20

released 11th December, 2017
A  new system combines a number of different elements: trade goods, markets, Bargains, Prospects, and character progression
Accompanying Video: FBG Podcast 21

released 31st January, 2018
Reach discoveries, Reach spectacles, fog, lights on agents and the player locomotive, major pathfinding optimisations, improved local avoidance, officer HUD, better docking, improved Terror effects, Sovereigns displayed on more panels.
Accompanying Video: FBG Podcast 22

released 27th February, 2018
Extensions to ambient messages; improvements to the way we handle players going over the edge. Various improvements to player movement and combat.

released 4 April, 2018
The Albion region, including all nine segments and all of the region’s discoveries and spectacles. Gates that allow the player to move between regions. Increased variety in Reach discoveries; some new agents. Controller and enhanced keyboard support.
Accompanying Video: FBG Podcast 24

released 9 May, 2018
Weather and hazardous discoveries; advanced scouts (including the Cyclopean Owl); improvements to the chart; improved discovery and agent spawning. New Nightmares, and improvements to the survival mechanics. More consequences for the Winchester War, and more ways to influence the conflict.
Accompanying Video: FBG Podcast 25

released 7th June, 2018
New officers, and several officer storylines. Mascots, one of them an Obviously Delicious Rabbit. All the remaining character backgrounds. New pasts and deeds. New weapons and equipment for player locomotives.
Accompanying Video: Gamedev Guest Podcast with FuzzyFreaks

released 25th July 2018
The Eleutheria region, including all of its discoveries and spectacles, and new agents; smuggling; early game improvements.
Accompanying video: Gamasutra interview with Toby Cook, artist at Failbetter

released 29th August
Improved combat AI, vessel names, and improved feedback.
Dev Blog: Liam dives deeper into the improvements to AI behaviour in this update
Accompanying Video: Les and Haley demo a few combat moves on Steam live

10th October
Complete overhaul of the Reach, focused on the atmosphere and traversal experience; updated and extended mechanics for Terror, Condition, fuel, and crew.
Dev Blog: Paul explains how we went about revising the art and design so drastically for the Reach
Accompanying Video: Enjoy a glimpse at the new region in this fly-by video

7th November
An overhaul of the New Winchester segment, the final opening game experience, and the remaining survival mechanics and narrative content.
Dev thread: Narrative Director Chris Gardiner talks about how we redesigned the opening
Video: Kjr_kisuke plays the new game opening 

19th December
New and improved panel UI, smuggling, all remaining player weapons, improved docking.

31st January 2019
The launch release! The Blue Kingdom region, all remaining officer storylines, two more ambitions, and some additional pasts and deeds.

Sunless Skies will leave Early Access on 31st January 2019

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