The Sunless Skies Launch Competition

By Hannah Flynn, January 9, 2019 · Sunless Skies

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our latest title, SUNLESS SKIES, on 31st January, we’re hosting the imaginatively named  SUNLESS SKIES Launch Competition!

We’ve had so much fun with various competitions down the years that gave you the opportunity to be creative in different ways, so this time we felt compelled to accept a few kinds of entries. There are five categories: writing, art, photography, craft and cookery.

The entries will be judged by best use of the theme INTO THE SUNLESS SKIES!

Two winners in each category will each receive a copy of SUNLESS SKIES and 100 Fate for their Fallen London character. There will be ten winners overall, and the competition is open internationally.

Submission Guidelines

  • Writing
    We are accepting vignettes of no more than 200 words. If you’re unsure whether you’re under the limit, you can use to check.
  • Art
    Digital or traditional art is all fine with us. Up to three images to convey the piece.
  • Photography
    A single image, please.
  • Craft
    You can make anything you like that doesn’t fit into the other categories! Up to three photos to clearly illustrate the piece is all we need, though you can give a brief written description too if you feel you should.
  • Cookery
    We are accepting a photo of the dish in question, with or without the recipe, providing the recipe is no more than 200 words! The recipe on its own is also fine.

Entries will be accepted via the Official Failbetter Games Fan Discord; there’s a whole area for submitting works and discussing the competition! (If you don’t use Discord, you can also enter by emailing your entry to

For all image entries, we aren’t fussed about file size, as long as it’s clear and you can upload it to Discord. Please, nothing NSFW. We are very close to launch and the slightest provocative work may topple us into unstoppable giggles. By entering, you vouch that the work supplied is your own and is not anyone else’s trademark (though obviously inspired by SUNLESS SKIES).

The entries will be judged by the Failbetter team after the closing date of 13th February 2019 and informed that week. Here are the full terms and conditions. (Worth noting, if you aren’t the type to read the terms and conditions: we reserve the right to tweet your entries!)


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guipeng Jan 12, 5:10am

Hello!I am a Chinese player.I think a lot of Chinese players like your games.But some of Chinese player are not good at English.So,Would you please think about developing the game with Chinese language.Thanks a lot!

Sanna Jan 11, 5:28pm

As part of the craft category, could I enter some kind of film clip/shortfilm?