Tutorial and Keybinding

By Hannah Flynn, January 22, 2015 · Patch Notes Sunless Sea

It’s just over two weeks until launch! Today’s update covers some functions which you’ve been asking us for:


Even seasoned zailors will find helpful tips in the new tutorial system!

It’s really important that this is as useful as possible; please consider sending feedback to if you spot something confusing.


Not everyone wants to zail WSADly. Re-bind the game controls to keys of your choice from Options in the menu.


The fog of war is less foggy; you should find that the labels are easier to read.


  • New vessel – Steam Launch, an adorable lifeboat
  • The gazetter page you are currently on will now have its tab highlighted
  • Same goes for your current shop
  • The Tyrant-Moth, Lorn Fluke and Bound Shark have some new animations
  • ‘Goods’ have now been renamed ‘Cargo’ on the hold tab
  • Being moved to a different port will now update the Fog of Uknown on the map correctly
  • The Pirate Steam-Pinnace has moved further North of Fallen London
  • You can new assign items usable in combat to different slots from the Hold page on the gazetteer
  • Performance optimisations

And some news: very soon you can expect to see stories involving a great deal of monkey business when you visit Empire of Hands…

Happy zailing!


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Zach Dygard Jan 24, 7:24pm

Have you guys considered adding gamepad controls? If you made it able to be played with a 360 controller you could let people play it from the couch... plus... you could maybe see if you can get funding to release it on consoles... it would sell pretty well. These types of games do great on their app markets, for $20. It's a different and neat atmosphere which alone sells it (so many clones of racing games, FPS'es, RPGs etc) but the big seller is the high reviews. You guys consistently get great reviews. PCGamer loves you. So do I

Jabberwok Jan 24, 7:27am

Does a lifeboat mean there will be a way to survive my ship sinking?

Frey Du Notte Jan 23, 1:29pm

THANK YOU! Oh, thank you so much for the keybinding option! :D As a left-handed gamer, the first step I have to go through with in playing practically any game is to go into options and change the keybindings, or else my hands and wrists will start to hurt in no time. I love this game, but has been a small irksome point I've hoped you'd rectify. And now you have, and I love you all for it! I can hardly wait for the official release:) You are doing a great job, guys!