A Matter of Cartographical Import: Fallen London Map Beta

By Hannah Flynn, January 27, 2020 · Fallen London

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In celebration of its 10th birthday, Fallen London is receiving a significant update in the form of a new map of the city!

We’re looking for keen-eyed volunteers for our upcoming map beta, beginning on Monday 3rd February.

Paul, Toby, Seamus, Henry and our producer Stuart have all been working extremely hard to give Fallen London a captivating new look and improved functionality, and our writers (Chris, James and Olivia) have been painstakingly knitting together stories with map locations.

We’d like feedback about:

  • Any technical difficulties with the map (loading, manoeuvring, bugs that stop it from functioning)
  • Any incongruence with stories – places not appearing where you’d expect, etc
  • Your thoughts about the look and feel of the map
  • Your overall thoughts about the experience of using the map

We’re looking for around 100 people to take part in the beta who use a variety of browsers and operating systems. We are particularly interested to hear from players who use a screen reader to access Fallen London, so if you know anyone who meets that description, please pass this on to them!

We expect to add people to the beta in two or three batches in the coming fortnight, and to close it on 21st February. It’s quite possible that not everyone who applies will be able to take part, but we thank you all in advance for your enthusiasm!

How to register

1. Create a new account

The ideal way to experience the new map is with a new character, and we’re particularly keen for expert players to look at the early game map. The beta is taking place in the staging version of Fallen London, so you can play around freely.

2. Apply via our form, giving the details of the account you’d like to test with.

3. Await instructions on 3 Feb! And in the meantime, talk about the beta in #map-beta on our Discord or on the forums.

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