A New Premium Festive Story: The Ceremony

By Failbetter, December 19, 2018 · Fallen London

This year’s premium festive story is now available for purchase!

The Ceremony is a festive tale of rubbery romance by Cass Khaw.

A spate of exquisite and unpleasant transformations sweeps London: new Rubbery enhancements of a drastic degree. What lies behind the tentacles? What secrets are hidden within the spiraling bones? Who is the Gilded Sacrifice?

The Ceremony is available from today for 40 Fate. Begin this story at A Festive Story: the Ceremony, anywhere in London.

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The Gift by Chris Gardiner
The parcel sits brightly on your doorstep. Its ribbon is an immodest red. The card is cream, and of excellent stock. It bears no signature, seal, or watermark. A tale of terror, aberration, and the horrors beneath the Palace.

The Empress’ Shadow by Emily Short
The Empress’ Shadow, the only child of Her Enduring Majesty residing on the Surface, has come to London. Train servants for her in Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School; uncover the political and familial intrigues that threaten London.

The Marriage of Feducci by Cash DeCuir
It is the first Royal Wedding since London fell: Mayor Feducci’s proposal of marriage to the Captivating Princess has been accepted! Join the Beleaguered Wedding Planner in the Shuttered Palace to make or break this historic moment.

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