A Quick Update on the Sovereign Edition

By Failbetter, January 29, 2021 · Sunless Skies

We last shared news about the Sovereign Edition of Sunless Skies in early December, after we submitted builds for console certification.  We know many people are eagerly awaiting it, so we wanted to share a brief status update.

In most respects the Sovereign Edition is now in very good shape, but we’re still seeing some challenging performance problems that mean it’s not ready for release, especially in some parts of Eleutheria.

Our porting partners are currently focusing on this.  Since it’s sometimes hard to tell how much a particular optimisation will help before implementing it, we still can’t announce a release date.  What we can say for now is that the earliest possible release date would be in March, and that when we can set a date with confidence, we’ll let you know.  In the meantime, thank you for bearing with us – it’s been a long wait, but we hope you’ll find it worth it.


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I just want to play it Apr 22, 5:38pm

"First half of 2020"

RRedux Apr 7, 8:32pm

Can we get an update? Planned release date? Or which quarter at least?

George but a different one Apr 6, 4:10pm

A release date. A hollow and ridiculous notion.

Alex Mar 15, 12:19am

Appreciate the communication. Looking forward to it still. I'm afraid skyrim will be playable on my ashtray before this comes out. ;D

Nicholas V Mar 2, 12:27pm

For the late game stat increases, will this be done based on experience gained? If we have continued completing quests, will we get stats for the gained exp or should we wait until the release is live?

George Feb 22, 4:34am

Thanks for the news!! Eagerly awaiting it. I got it on PC but am anxious to play it all over again with the interface improvements, this time on the couch

Colt Feb 22, 1:40am

I got sunless sea on the xbox one. I'm not good at it, and it scares the heck out of me, but I'm enjoying playing it. I'm eagerly waiting to play sunless skies and I'm going to best my fears of the oceans and skies.

Júlio Nardone Feb 9, 3:09am

I have the PC version, but currently my PS4 is my main game station... I am waiting for this so badly! About it, are you working on translation packages also? If the answer is no, will you still release it to all regions? I guess there are some policies when it comes to consoles, or am I wrong?

Setebos Feb 1, 2:03pm

Thanks for the update

Sister Knife Jan 31, 11:20am

I see you shiver with antici

Bob Jan 30, 4:29pm

Also happy anniversary

Bob Jan 30, 4:28pm


scoobert doobert Jan 30, 4:43am

can’t f___ing wait for this, ty guys for the informative updates. just recently fell in love with sunless sea for switch