A Sightseer’s Guide to Sunless Sea, part one

By Failbetter, June 18, 2014 · Sightseer's Guide

Being a handy series of illustrated guides for voyagers of the Unterzee. Not tried Sunless Sea yet? Get it here.

Fallen London


“She’s the greatest city on the Unterzee. And don’t you forget it. All journeys begin and end here.”

The Principles of Coral


“Rumpled convolutions of coral fill the water, glimmering with silvery light. The harder you look, the more you see shapes amid the chaos, almost as if they were sculpted. This one could be a crenellated castle: that one, a horse’s head. A neat little port huddles into the side of a coral island – prosaic Imperial docks and houses tucked away in a baroque organic chaos. In that curious silvery light, among the frozen chaos of coral, the scene has the unreal air of a pencil sketch, crumpled and discarded.”

Mutton Island


“Once, this simple fishing village was part of the London suburbs, before London fell and the waters rushed in. Smoke spirals from cottage chimneys. A lonely hill rises behind town. There’s only one public house on the island. The Cock and Magpie is famed for its local cider and, of course, the zee-food.”

The Tomb Colony of Venderbight


“On deck, you can hear the sound that a thousand bandaged dead make as they shuffle and cough. It’s something like the world’s most restless concert audience, or the world’s most plague-ridden cathedral. Venderbight is not the most promising place for shore leave. Too much decay. Too little light. Too many bandaged walking corpses.”

The Cumaean Canal


“The Canal ascends, through locks and gates and shadowed turns, to the sunlight of the Surface. The Sun is dangerous to Neath-dwellers like your crew, but the Surface has its temptations.”

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MAMMU Jun 18, 11:48am

This game is so atmospheric! It's fantastic!