A Sightseer’s Guide to Sunless Sea, part two

By Failbetter, June 20, 2014 · Sightseer's Guide

Being a handy series of illustrated guides for voyagers of the Unterzee. Not tried Sunless Sea yet? Get it here.

Hunter’s Keep


A hump of dark rock swathed in mist, like a hundred  other Unterzee islands. But here’s a grand house, windows aglow. Lawns, impossibly green and lush in the false-star light. Raked gravel paths.

An unexpectedly warm breeze carries the faintest trace of lavender.

Abbey Rock


A black spit of an island, far from anywhere anyone would want to go. And that’s how the Sisterhood likes it. Here stands their fortress-convent. There are bear-traps that look friendlier than this.

Khan’s Glory


Here are the palaces of the Khan and his court, each a fortress to itself. Sleek lords and ladies in belted robes breakfast on balconies. An unlikely antelope peeks at you from a park. Guns rotate easily on motorised gimbals.



The citizens enjoy questions: so much so that they always answer a question with another question. They subsist on cave-fish and the dust-burrowing beasts of the Waste. Their beer, however, is adequate.



Some of the island’s fungus is good to eat. Some is poisonous, hallucinogenic or mischievous. Good luck!

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