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By Failbetter, March 16, 2011 · Tagged with ,

The Profile, Journal, Scrapbook and Mantelpiece are now live. Click [Profile] from your Me page, visit any tweeted / Facebooked link, or go to[charactername] .

As trailed elsewhere, this is like totally beta, dude. We’ve already spotted some bugs (including, aggravatingly, paging disappearing) which we’re on. Do report bugs to, and please go crazy with suggestions – but the best place for suggestions is, not the blog comments where they may languish unseen.

Protip: if you see a player with Mr Eaten’s Name on their Mantelpiece, don’t invite them over for tea.


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HikaruYami Mar 18, 2:42am

You made it sound like it's possible to *find* mr. eaten's name.... If you meant seeking it, sure, but... That would be an interesting storyline to finish.

~autolycus Mar 17, 6:49pm

I like the many nifty touches and new experiences that seem to have crept in. It's like finding the half-melted dark chocolate chips in an orange muffin. when you weren't expecting any: the muffin is delicious, but hey... lookie here... and here...

James Walker Mar 17, 2:59pm

The descriptions for different levels of Menace are a nice touch - and good thinking including descriptions for above 8! It was amusing getting the descriptor for Nightmares 9 earlier today - I'll have to hit 10 (and then use Laudanum) to see the next descriptor!

Justin Mar 17, 12:13am

Be back in a flash. Going to post this [i]everywhere.[/i]