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By Failbetter, December 20, 2017 · Failbetter General Update

Hi all! It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post here – I got really busy. Turns out these games don’t make themselves!

I’ve been particularly busy recently as, with sadness, today is my last day at Failbetter Games. I’ve spent the last two months handing over and making sure Sunless Skies is heading in the right direction, as well as helping and saying goodbye to my friends at Failbetter. It’s been great getting to talk about the future of the game with them, and I can’t wait to see the changes they’re going to be introducing next year.

I’ve been employed by Failbetter Games for over five years, but I’ve been working with them for even longer than that. Creating profile pages for Fallen London, helping create The Night Circus and Machine Cares, even before I started working from their offices. I’ve seen the company grow and change, make games I never thought we could and entertain more people than I could have imagined. I joined as a 26 year old kid with a ridiculous moustache (no, you can’t see a picture) and not a clue about how to design a game or write a line of C# code. I’ve been given the opportunity to create sound, write content, animate, build UI, code, design, and direct here. I am immeasurably grateful for everything Failbetter Games has done for me.

For now though, it’s time to see what else I’m capable of doing, what other sorts of games and stories I can craft. I don’t know exactly what those will be yet, but I won’t keep quiet about it when I work it out, so feel free to follow me on Twitter, where I’m @liamwelton.

For now though, thank you to everybody who has been a part of my career for the past six-and-a-bit years.

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