…and that’s our show, folks

By Failbetter, June 6, 2013 · Comics

Hope you enjoyed it. Chris and I have never made a comic before, and we learned a few valuable lessons with this one, primarily that comics are hard and take a stupidly long time.

Will there be more? Well, that’s kind of up to you. As mentioned previously, this is an experimental project for Failbetter, and its future depends on how well and widely this one is received (tell your friends!). We’d certainly like to make more: the tale of Soap and Sophia has many twists and reversals still to come – how exactly is Soap Unfinished, for instance? And what do they need all the money for?

We’ve got ideas for stories about other denizens of Fallen London too, some of whom will already be familiar to our players. If there are characters you’d particularly like to see in comic form, let us know below.

In the meantime, you may be lucky enough to spot Soap and Sophia in our next batch of content. Perhaps you should stop and say hello. Assuming you haven’t done anything to upset the department, of course…


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Howzit D. Toyah May 15, 6:30pm

Dir sirs, I found the comic to be highly entertaining, and I wish to see more. I am aware that I am four years late in posting this, but I would greatly enjoy a comic about the Honey-Addled Detective. What was his name? I can't recall. But I would find it splendid to see a comic of the player character arresting the hat stand. Regards, -Howzit

Marius Finch Nov 17, 8:26pm

I would greatly approve of more, as Fallen London has so many secrets to be told, but maybe you could do comics that are a bit more general, as to get someone unfamiliar with the lore interested.

SVG Apr 16, 6:23pm

Please, sirs, may I have some more? :D I'm just about to play the 5 fate route about Soap, looking forward to it!!