ANYTHING NICE: A Dark Room (Doublespeak Games)

By Failbetter, September 29, 2014 · Anything Nice

The opening scene reads in its entirety


the fire is dead.

the room is freezing.

A Dark Room

[light fire]


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more compact and compelling opening.


‘Anything Nice’ is is a series of very short posts highlighting things I liked about the treatment of narrative in other people’s games. It’s a deliberately magpie, grab-bag approach. Some of these games I adore, some I don’t even like, but I learnt from all of them.


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Dizzy Nov 19, 7:45pm

Kit, I woke up thinking about your dream as it might peiratn to the greater whole. IIWMD (If it were my dream), it may be that my work with the indigenous mind is integral to the overall process of keeping the records for ancestral information, not just my ancestors but others as well. I'm not suggesting that I have to know everything about other people's ancestors, only that my personal experience can help other people know about theirs. Additionally, it might be useful to know mythistories of other cultures.Of course, this is probably old news for an IM person (!). IMVOTD, I do feel, however, that I have tapped into a deeper role, something specifically for me, and this has to do with being a Wisdom Keeper. Our ancestors used to tell tales around a fire not only for entertainment but to keep the memory of the mythistory alive (which reminds me of the wood carvings I mistake for logs, logs being what we use to make fire). Few of us tell stories around a fire anymore, but that doesn't mean we still can't tell tales to keep the stories and information alive. Perhaps I am being told I have the wisdom within me, even when I don't know consciously that I have it.

Marko Sep 30, 9:47am

This is a great game! Thank you for linking to it. :-)