By Failbetter, September 30, 2014 · Anything Nice

This is a base-building / research / turn-based strategy war against aliens, with a narrative element: an X-Clone. This one, however, is set on Mars after the destruction of Earth. You don’t get to hire any more soldiers, because the small station staff you have is the entire human race on Mars. Each has a unique portrait and a short bio.

This inclines you to give a thorough damn, strategically and narratively, when they die.

Halfway through the game, you unexpectedly get another handful of soldiers. They’re the teenage children of the staff, grown just enough to handle weapons.

‘Anything Nice’ is is a series of very short posts highlighting things I liked about the treatment of narrative in other people’s games. It’s a deliberately magpie, grab-bag approach. Some of these games I adore, some I don’t even like, but I learnt from all of them.


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onyhow Oct 2, 3:25am

Um...Earth isn't destroyed. The game runs concurrently with Aftershock, so there's still fighting raging there... Hell, later on in the game Earth will even send aid package to you!

Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook Oct 1, 7:39am

It's not nearly so grim, but Space Colony does a good job of setting up a building/resource management sim/strategy with a small, set cast.