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By Failbetter, April 23, 2014 · Art Failbetter

Paul Arendt:
flensing weapons
do you have any steer on this? is it still basically harpoons, or flechettes or something?
Alexis Kennedy:
the equipment in question:
Leadbeater & Stainrod ‘Britomart’ Flensing-Cannon
Stampshod’s ‘Calvary’ Prong Launcher
Caminus Yards Heart-Ender
so there you go. prongs, flensing, shaft through the heart
I guess my main steer is
Paul Arendt:
spiky gatling, perhaps
Alexis Kennedy:
if it helps
Britomart is a really interesting figure
I came across her in the Faerie Queene
where she’s a virtuous female knight
but she’s actually a recasting of a valorous Greek nymph
who in turn appears to have been based on a feral Minoan hunting goddess
sort of Artemis meets Wolverine
so I liked the idea that she was a huntress, but also a Spenserian poetic reference for a patriotic manufacturer
what I’m saying is
Paul Arendt:

Alexis Kennedy:
I didn’t terribly think about how it would look at any point.
Paul Arendt:
You’ll be glad to know I’ve rejected at least seven responses to this so far


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Lord Dopamine Jun 7, 3:15pm

This is hilarious.

CameoAppearance May 11, 10:16pm

Ah, the life of an artist.

cavanaugh Apr 28, 11:08pm

This made me laugh until I shed salt tears like the zalty Zee.