Beta Testing on Android

By Failbetter, July 19, 2016 ·

We released Fallen London onto the App Store four months ago in April 2016, and are now delighted to announce that we have begun beta testing the Fallen London app on Android.

This beta will allow us to determine whether or not launching on Android is viable. While there are only a handful of iOS devices, there are 12,847 different Android devices currently available – which could increase our support burden past where we’re able to cope with it.

As a small studio, we have limited resources, especially when we’re sharing those resources across multiple games and projects (like our Zubmariner expansion coming this Autumn, to name but one!). If the beta shows us that the app has problems across a large number of devices, we may not be able to fix all the issues in a reasonable amount of time, making an Android release of Fallen London not sensible for us, or our players. If, alternatively, we find there are only minor problems across this swathe of devices, we’ll go ahead with release.

We will be opening the Android beta to those interested in batches. The first group have received their email last week. If you’re interested in joining the beta, you’re welcome to sign up with a Gmail address or an email address associated with a Google Apps account – as the testing is done via Google Play.

Since the iOS release in April, our team has been busy squashing bugs and releasing updates frequently to be certain Fallen London on mobile is as smooth an experience as possible. At this point, we feel we’re in a good place with the optimisation of the iOS app, despite two particularly irksome bugs*.

Please be mindful that a final release is still dependant on successful testing. We’ll post updates here and on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr as they come!


*The two bugs we still occasionally find crop up are: 1) the Grey Screen bug, aptly named for when users find their app gets stuck with a grey or black screen at start-up screen, and 2) a series of small bugs which crash the app due to memory issues. If you find yourself experiencing either of these, please message


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Dai Aug 9, 8:31pm

I just downloaded the app but I have a question, can I play with my norml account or do I need a new one? Because it says that my email is invalid and it doesn't let me log in

Hannah Flynn Jul 22, 9:01am

We've done some work on both! The Plans bug is only affecting players who play both on mobile and desktop and who make use of plans, so we're not receiving many bug reports about it. If you're still being affected by it, could I ask you to send a bug report to Thank you!

Hannah Flynn Jul 22, 8:59am

It may be that you're in the second batch of testers. You will need to use google apps with the account that you've registered with. To clear up any confusion, you could email and we can check for you?

Hannah Flynn Jul 22, 8:57am

We can say at this point. We're working on supporting more devices as we move through the beta, but because there are over 12,000 Android devices in the market, we're simply not going to be able to support all of them. :)

Edgardo Castellini Jul 19, 6:39pm

Great! Can you say what will be the final compatibility for Android version? I have Android 4.2 JellyBean. I hope not to have to buy a new phone. I have Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus. Thanks in advance. You are fantastic

rtn Jul 19, 4:17pm

Does a gmail address also need to be associated with a gapps account, or is that just for non-gmail addresses? I know that's implied, but as my gmail account isn't my android account and I haven't gotten an invite yet, just thought I'd make sure.

Jeremy Saklad Jul 19, 1:29pm

What about the bug that resets your Plans, or the inordinately long loading time?