Christmas in the Neath 1895

By Haley Uyrus, December 1, 2017 · Fallen London


It’s Christmastime in the Neath—even the rats’ eyes have a certain festive glow. We have plenty in store for those festively inclined, beginning today with our delicious Advent Calendar, along with the release of this year’s Christmas cards.


Each day from today through Christmas, visiting the Advent Calendar from midday will reward you with something distinctly festive and gift-like.

Due to access code restrictions on mobile, it’s important to note that the Advent Calendar is only accessible through browser. Each day when you visit the calendar, click once to open the door for that day, and then click again to receive your prize!

Follow us on the channel of your choice (Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook) for reminders of when each gift is released! And be quick, each gift will only be available for a few days once they’re announced!


Let your loved ones and enemies know you’re thinking of them this Christmas: yuletide cards are available starting today til the end of the month!

Your stock of cards will be replenished weekly by Time, the Healer. Find them in your Lodgings, under Send a Christmas Card. Keep an eye out for this year’s festive Feducci card!

(You don’t need to be acquaintances to exchange Christmas cards, unless you intend to arrange for the Bazaar or the Mayor to send a Christmas card on your behalf when they become available.)

Find new players to exchange cards with here, on the Fallen London subreddit, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Use #flcards to show your interest!


The Fallen London store is now bursting with clothes, accessories and gift ideas for you and your delicious friends!

Featured is the Mr Sacks range, guaranteed to attract second glances, questions at your festive parties (is that Father Christmas? Where are his eyes?), and perhaps a few nightmares this holiday season!

Be certain to order your gifts with plenty of time for shipping! Here are Spreadshirt’s US and UK cutoff dates.


There’s plenty more festivities to come later in the month. Be on the lookout for further announcements! Also, those invested in the Finishing School may want to check in on their pupils..

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