Christmas in the Neath, 1897

By Hannah Flynn, December 9, 2019 ·


It’s Christmastime in the Neath—even the rats’ eyes have a certain festive glow. 

So-called snow is falling in Fallen London!

Starting at noon GMT today, Time, the Healer will bring ‘snow’ to doorsteps across London. You’ll need to dig your door out, or find someone to lend a hand.

Fate can also be used to employ a certain cowled assistant – and earn unique seasonal Home Comfort items!

Acquiring pails of this ‘snow’ and learning what you can about it will unlock a selection of seasonal benefits at the end of the season, when Penstock’s Wicket opens on the 5th of January.

We expect this sort-of snow to stop falling on 6th January.


Gifts from the Masters

Owners of an Incarnadine Robe can receive tokens from the Masters.

Mr Iron and Mr Hearts have new, remarkable items available for those who already have their initial offerings.

To acquire a robe, accept the help of an unexpected volunteer to clear your path (this option costs Fate).


A ‘gift’ from Mr Sacks

The urchins have purloined the terrible sack of Mr Sacks once again! You may draw a gift from it (or send one to a friend) – for a price, of course.

Buy a lucky dip in Mr Sacks’ sack for yourself, or send a lucky dip draw to another player! Begin with Explore the Festive Season, available throughout London.


Seasonal Stories

On the 18th of December, a new festive premium story by Nigel Evans will become available for purchase: The Brass Grail. 

Scandal in London as the Bishop of Southwark is summoned to court. Old sins weigh heavily upon the mitred head. Can one ever truly escape the shadow of Hell?

Our previous Christmas premium stories are now available for purchase from Explore the Festive Season


Yet Further Festivities

There are still more goodies to be found in the Fallen London Advent Calendar! Each window is around for just a few days, so be certain to check back regularly to receive all of the various treats.

We also encourage you to reach out to new players with a lovely Christmas card and a friendly greeting. Find new friends on Twitter, Reddit, on the forums or in our official Discord!

Look for Explore the Festive Season throughout London to take part in the seasonal fun!


Gifts of Fate!

The philanthropic Londoner remembers well that they can gift 50 or 100 Fate to other players.

Do this from your Lodgings, on the Give a Gift of Fate card, or when drawing the Give a Gift! A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words card from your deck.

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