Discernment: our first guest artist!

By Hannah Flynn, September 24, 2015 · Art Exceptional Friendship Fallen London

Our Exceptional Story for October 2015 is Discernment, a story of love and infernal theology by Em Short.

For the first time in Fallen London’s history we have a guest artist! Mark Penman has contributed a piece for Discernment’s promotional artwork – the front cover of the story, if you like – and the character avatars for its stars.


Mark Penman is an illustrator and comic book artist hailing from Yorkshire and working out of Manchester.

He enjoys fantasy works, particularly those that involve world-ending dream-horrors.

Mark’s latest project is a dark fantasy webcomic called Eimurian Tales, which is a collection of stories he has wrote.

When not drawing comics Mark can be found lecturing for the Game Art degree course at the Manchester School of Media.

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Nathaniel Sep 26, 11:20pm

This teaser makes me feel like I missed out on quite a bit of story. The artist's work looks excellent.

Foot Soldier Sep 24, 9:57pm

Excellent! Looking forward to it! Now how about some news for Sunless Sea? =P