Doubt Street Changes

By Bruno Dias, January 14, 2021 · Fallen London

Today, we are making a few changes to Doubt Street:

  • The various Doubt Street opportunity cards have been retired.
  • Players with certain endgame traits will now find new branches in various Doubt Street storylets which allow them to gain more of a specific type of copy.
  • Rewards for the standard newspaper editions (and the Seditious Edition) have been drastically reduced but now scale with the amount of copy you have accumulated.
  • Rewards for the ‘masterwork’ newspaper editions have been slightly reduced.
  • A new type of edition is available, which requires investigating rumours about the Bone Market; this can be done in Veilgarden.

When Wilmot’s End was retuned in late 2020, Doubt Street became drastically more rewarding as it was no longer locked behind extremely hard-to-obtain Whirring Contraptions. The new reward level for Doubt Street is fine for endgame players, but we wanted to avoid giving players who had only recently reached Person of Some Importance status access to something that was comparably powerful to late-game content. So, Doubt Street has been somewhat adjusted and expanded. Endgame players should find it fairly easy to achieve the more powerful newspaper editions, while for midgame players the wheel has been retuned to be more comparable to the other content they should have access to.

One notable part of this is that the various Doubt Street opportunity cards have been retired. Those cards were always problematic in that their existence wasn’t signposted properly, leading to confusion about how to actually optimally run through Doubt Street. They also lead to a somewhat frustrating play pattern of starting a newspaper edition then putting it on hold until you draw the appropriate cards. Since the other balance changes would have made those cards excessively valuable for midgame players, while also making them irrelevant to endgame players, we decided to cut them.


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I play this game Feb 25, 12:42pm

I play this game for 3 years where is dobut street I'm still haven't found it ?????????

Cyborg_Rose Jan 18, 11:23pm

These seem like good changes! Thanks for your work :)

Seth Jan 15, 12:53pm

Bah. Well that was a wasted morning trying to get the cards then.