Echo Bazaar is becoming Fallen London!

By Failbetter, March 16, 2012 · Failbetter

In the last couple of months we’ve made a lot of changes to Echo Bazaar – we’ve removed the action cap, updated the interface and improved crafting. We’ve added Living Stories that talk back to you, a clique system, new art, new content and so on.  All these changes lead up to one really big one. Now at last, all can be revealed.

On Monday 26th March, just over a week from today, we’re going to relaunch the game.

It will have a new name: Fallen London. It’ll have a spanking new front page full of fog and tentacles. And most importantly, it will have feature that people have been asking about from the very beginning: the option to sign up via email.

Our reasons for this are partly commercial – we don’t want to put barriers up against potential players –  but they’re mostly ethical. Alexis talks about this in more detail here.  From the day we launch, new players won’t need a social media account to experience Fallen London, and existing players can easily link their existing accounts to a simple email sign-up. If you want to take part in our social stories, or collaborate and compete with your friends, or form cliques, you’ll still need a Twitter or Facebook account. But it’s entirely optional.

To celebrate the birth of Fallen London, we’re planning a week of celebrations. We’ll have free giveaways every day, some for existing players and some for new arrivals. We’ll be running a competition to win a rather excellent in-game prize. And we have a few more surprises in store as well.

Got questions? We got answers.

Why are you changing the name of the game to “Fallen London”?

A number of reasons. First and foremost, the majority of our players know the game as “Fallen London” already. For new arrivals, it’s a less confusing title for a world that can be a little overwhelming at first.

When is all this happening?

Officially, Echo Bazaar will become Fallen London on Monday 26th March. However, we’ll begin the process of change next week, and we expect to be up and running by the previous Friday afternoon, so we can monitor our email sign up technology over the weekend and fix any bugs. So do please pop along and test it for us.

What does Fallen London have that Echo Bazaar hasn’t?

Regular players will have already experienced most of the improvements, as detailed above: the interface, the crafting, the Living Stories and so on. The location banners will reflect our new name, and we’re in the process of sprucing up some of the older icons. And of course, there’s the email sign-up. But the game itself is the game you know and love, we haven’t messed with that.

Will existing players be affected?

Nope, not at all. Unless you’re lucky enough to win a prize :-).  You can link your existing account to your email address from the friends tab, if you want to.  You’ll still have all your social privileges if you do this and then sign in by email.

Will my bookmarks still work?

Yes, everything will redirect to

How come the Twitter account and Facebook page are still called Echo Bazaar?

Because they are the web presence of the Echo Bazaar character. Think of it as a jovial master of ceremonies, with Fallen London as its cabaret.


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Axiluvia Mar 21, 2:38am

Huzzah! I've had people who have said the game sounds interesting, but have had no desire to make a Facebook/Twitter account just to play it. I shall be sure to inform them of the change, and suggest they start delving into Neathy mysteries!

Blast Mar 19, 9:05am

Guess I'd better put off my trip to Polythreme so I don't miss the party.

Patrick Reding Mar 17, 8:16pm

I'm concerned that a name change might lose you guys some of the word-of-mouth earned from your awards and positive reviews. Although since all the same sites will be running this a news story, that should be enough to compensate. Otherwise, I'm solidly neutral about the change.

HikaruYami Mar 17, 2:05am

Prizes, you say? Will these in any way be a test of *skill*, perhaps? I'm good at those. I'm terrible at luck, though.

the_antichris Mar 17, 12:28am

I wondered too, but I think they're the time-delay ones. 'All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well...' Though don't all the stories talk back to you? Some just don't put you on hold.

John Evans Mar 17, 12:10am

Who calls Echo Bazaar "Fallen London"? Certainly no one I know. Well, whatever. You guys can call it whatever you like. As long as the game continues to be fun, I'll continue to play. ;)

Elizabeth Mar 16, 10:50pm

Wonderfully exciting! I hope this leads to the new flood of players this game richly deserves.

Lily Banyard-Fox Mar 16, 10:15pm

Like Erik Harrison, I am wondering what Living Stories are. The name; interesting decision. I always considered the [i]setting[/i] to be Fallen London and the [i]game[/i] to be Echo Bazaar. Oooh, prizes? Interesting, she said with a mischievous grin. I hope I don't miss the chance.

Jack of Spades Mar 16, 8:34pm

Lovely news! However I will always call the game "Echo Bazaar"

Erik Harrison Mar 16, 8:31pm

I'm excited. And confused, as I have no idea what these Living Stories are