Election 1898 comes to Fallen London, 13th – 24th July

By Hannah Flynn, July 3, 2020 · Fallen London

It’s Election season in Fallen London, and three noted Londoners have put their hats in the ring (sadly the hat is literal in only one case)!

The festival begins on the 13th of July. Use the first week of Election to find out about the candidates and their platforms, and through cards in your Opportunity Deck. From Monday the 20th of July, you’ll be able to cast your vote! But who do you back to succeed Virginia?


F.F. Gebrandt


So many Londoners have petitioned for her help, she could only possibly answer all their needs from the Mayoral office.

This business-minded chemist and highly respected academic has plans for a wider range of chemical inventions, and founding a museum for the edification of the city’s palaeontologists…

The Viscountess of the Viric Jungleviscountess_election

In London, she domiciles with the Shopkeeper in Viric, and holds court with cat companions. In Parabola, she patrols land laid waste by the war between cats and fingerkings.

She promises to take Londoners to battle: to teach them to drive back the things that haunt them, to change the ascendant powers in Parabola (…and no doubt to make cats more prominent in London, too).

The Tentacled Entrepreneur tentacled_election

He’s a is a respected Rubbery Man whose usual interests are business and deal-making. Now the Entrepreneur has found a new passion in the arts, and promises to reveal new heights to human and non-human creativity, in part by opening a salon devoted to a Renaissance of Rubbery Culture!

But: as accepted as the Entrepreneur is, some whispers question his candidacy. How could he win without significant backing from someone very influential?


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A Bandaged Fellow Wearing a Tiara Jul 12, 5:57pm

Maybe I'd elect Gerbrant if her Tinctures were worth a Salt! Children's medicine really. Well except for Laudnaum but I believe a sizeable portion of London is addicted to that. Seems like a money addled prick if you ask me. The rubbery men have been enigmatic for a very long time, it could be very nice to learn to converse with them in their language, who knows what secrets they keep. Could be a sign for the changing times if he gets elected, but poor choice in running at this point though. The finger kings have been on the back of many Londoner's minds both literally and figuratively, most people probably wouldn't mind a little more prominence of cats in exchange for a little bit of easing of the mind.

A Curious Fellow Jul 11, 6:23am

Who amongst us of the worthies of London* have not had their dreams haunted by visions of the f*********s? Who knows what deviltry is being brewed up (not to insult the august devils in our midst, like our esteemed Mayor Virginia) behind the mirrors of our parlors? For too long have our leaders ignored the threat of Parabola, and only the cats of our land have held the line against their terrible plans to invade our realm - a foreign invader poised to strike against our very Empire, ignored! Only the Viscountess has the character and will to face these would-be invaders head on, and therefore only a vote for the Viscountess is a vote for the Empire! *those whose votes truly matter, not to be confused with the riff-raff.

Qube Jul 11, 3:25am


Clockwork Man Jul 11, 1:45am

My fellow Londoners, vote for F.F. Gebrandt! For Science is the one true path to the future. The advancement of Human & Humanoid society has always been based on our ability to reason and invent. It was our hands and our minds that separated us from the beasts that crawl and slither upon the earth. It was Science that gave us the invention of light, to help us beat back to oppressive of void of darkness. It was Science that gave us the tools to conquer the land and zee and exploit their natural treasures. It was Science that gave us the written word, medicine, industry, architecture, and gun powder. F.F. Gebrandt is a leader in Science and thus the right leader for us. A vote for F.F. Gebrandt is a vote for Progress and Prosperity.

A Darling Lady Jul 10, 1:33pm

As a Lady of Scientific Mind myself, I find I must vote for F.F. Gebrandt. Londoners shall see scientific progress!

The Somewhat Strange Lorena Capello Jul 9, 6:41pm

I find that my vote tends to swing in directions of things most shiny. Those glittering rubbery tendrils, those glowing curious chemical, and those gleaming razor teeth...dear me so many shiny things. How does one choose with so many delectable options? I suppose ones vote should aim towards what might harm them least...

Colonel Sebastian Meringue Jul 8, 5:40pm

I say, an election, here, how rum. Yes well... now one has your attention, As a military man, don't you know, of some standing (cough not a lot) can we really say what science has got us ? It's probably the reason were all stuck down here, don't you know! (cough possible?) And as for the fishy fella, well who the devil (not your friendly local ones, top hole types!) knows what's going through his watery mind, probably drown us all and me without me water wings! Never do, what what. Having stalked many a big cat in one's old life, (finest shot the eastern empire ever produced, don't you know) I know which one will be backing...oh yes the talking giant cat thing, it's a Viscountess don't you know, and that used to mean something from where I'm from, harrumph! Now days...mumbles mumbles...not like in the old...oh wait this still on......

A Winsome Face Jul 8, 3:35pm

Well, then. This was unexpected! A rubbery man, a chemist, and a harridan walk into the Mayor's office.......

The Often Overlooked Plenipotentiary Jul 8, 2:28pm

I believe I shall exercise my democratic responsibility and cast my vote for The Tentacled Entrepreneur. I remember him from that fine party apparently hosted by someone absolutely terrible at picking guests. The poor, poor man had zero ideas as to what was going on through the entire thing and needed my help throughout the whole party. He's also rich enough to make even the snootiest lord/lady reconsider their stance.

Anonymous Jul 8, 10:51am

I am voting in support of the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle because I am here to hunt snakes and chew bubblegum, and there's no bubblegum in the Neath.