Election 1898: Statistics

By Sara Veal, September 28, 2020 · Fallen London


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Colin Dobson Sep 30, 1:31pm

Is there any chance we could see a breakdown by Ambition? (I imagine this might be hard to do meaningfully, because not everyone with an ambition has progressed it very far.) For me at least, my profession helped motivate me, but it was my experiences in Light Fingers that decided me firmly against the Entrepreneur.

Thighs Sep 30, 12:10pm

Wonderful to see, as with every year. As a Silverer, and one who voted for the Viscountess no less, I'm awfully pleased to know that others in my field were as enthusiastic.

Joe Marmer Sep 29, 10:04pm

We live in a society.

Indigo Clardmond Sep 28, 2:41pm

Very nice to know! Always interesting to see how these things break down. Any chance we may know the results of Mr. Huffam's final poll about the candidates? I suspect I know how it will fall, but as the question is about tea, it is rather a serious and important matter we did not get the result of in game.