Election 1898: The Victor is Announced

By Sara Veal, July 27, 2020 · Fallen London

London has decided – your new Lord Mayor is the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle!


We have a great deal to do,” says the Viscountess. “I will call on you, and on all Londoners. We will reclaim sleep and drive back the beasts behind the mirror!

Now that 1898’s mayoral Election has come to a close, there’ll be a brief transitional period while the Viscountess takes up her office.

Once fully situated, a new mayoral card will become available in your Opportunity Deck. The Viscountess’ effect in Parabola will be seen during her year in power.

Look for 1898: The Victor is Announced throughout London and speak to your candidate to wrap up any loose ends. You will have till the 3rd of August (noon BST) to use up any leftover Reputation.

Statistics on the Election will be released within the next few weeks to show you how the votes and Careers played out!

Thank you for participating in the democratic process, delicious friends!


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Marshall Hwong Aug 2, 10:13pm

Unifying a divided people is often done by finding a common enemy. I just hope that the enemy is real and not some phantom dreamed up like with so many tyrants of the past...

Ruskin Jul 29, 1:58pm

Looking forward to the stats on who got how many votes. The survey that was going around indicated a fairly tight race.

Hannah Flynn Jul 29, 9:41am

We won't be able to announce a release date until quite close to the time, unfortunately; releasing on consoles is quite different to us merrily pressing the button for ourselves on Steam! But work continues and we will have news soon. :)

A Curious Fellow Jul 28, 8:47am

At last, a Mayor with true vision. A vision that can see who the enemies of our fair London is, and is willing to act against them. The first Mayor not to ignore the half of our lives we spend asleep!

Thackerey Jul 28, 12:41am

Oh. I didn't realise voting had closed already.

Villads Jul 27, 11:42pm

Take that Fingerkings! Loving all the new content and how well woven everything has been. Thanks delicious writers!

Group of Trees Jul 27, 7:14pm

While I love to hear of the folx in Fallen London and the rise of the Viscountess, is there any news of the Sunless Skies chartered by our friends in locomotion? Perhaps an update on the release of the Sovereign Edition?

HelpIamaCabbage Jul 27, 7:14pm

I still have the "A Free Gift 1" quality, but I already talked to the Viscountess. Is it impossible to get the election gift now?

Joana Whitlock Jul 27, 3:00pm