Exceptional Friendship FAQ

By Hannah Flynn, May 1, 2015 · Exceptional Friendship Fallen London

Exciting news! We are now giving Exceptional Friends an Exceptional Story every month. These are substantial, stand-alone stories for players of all levels.

Exceptional Friends also get an expanded opportunity deck, giving you a bank of 10 cards to draw from instead of 6.

We’re changing the way subscription works too: rather than paying in Nex, you now subscribe in your choice of real-world currency.


Will my current Exceptional Friendship still count?

Yes. If you’re already an Exceptional Friend,  you’ll get the increased deck and the monthly stories until your subscription runs out.

Do I have to have a credit card to subscribe?

At the moment, yes. But we’re working on providing Paypal support too.

I’ve been stockpiling Nex to spend on Exceptional Friendship, what can I do?

If you bought Nex in bulk before 1 May with the intention of spending it on Exceptional Friendship, we’re offering you the opportunity of buying up to 12 months’ worth at 35 Nex per month. If you want to take advantage of this, email by the end of May and let us know.

Can I pay in my native currency to avoid transaction fees?

Yes, we’re supporting the top five currencies used on Fallen London paid content (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD). You can select the currency of your choice from the drop down menu when you subscribe.

What am I authorizing when I sign up?

Our payment services provider, Braintree, will save your payment details for the purpose of recurring billing. It’s not a direct debit.

What if I can’t play for a month?

If you’d like to skip a month’s subscription, you can unsubscribe from Manage Account. You won’t receive the story for the month that you miss.

But! Once started, you can finish an Exceptional Story at any time. So May’s story, once started, can be completed in June, or July, and so on.

Can I subscribe for just a month, or a month at a time, like before?

Yes. You can subscribe, then hit Manage Account and press the Unsubscribe button. You’ll get one month’s benefits, including the story. We want to make it as easy as possible to stay subscribed, and encourage people to do so. We don’t want to be pushy or sketchy about it, so it’s easy to limit it to a month if you want.

I’ve missed out on a story! Will it come back?

Yes. After three months, Exceptional Stories will be made available to all players for a premium Nex cost.

Why does Exceptional Friendship cost more now?

We’ve increased the cost to enable us to spend the time on writing the content. It’s a big commitment for us, but we think it’s a great deal.

Will refilling my opportunities now give me 10 cards?

Buying the opportunity deck refill will still give you up to 6 cards.


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Sara Veal Oct 28, 2:01pm

Hi Yasmine, will you email so we can take a look at this?

Yasmine M Oct 28, 12:30am

When is the exception friend stuff given on the account? I paid for exception friend status and it says I should be receiving " a substantial story every month, double the actions (up to 40 at once), more cards to draw in their opportunity deck (10 instead of 6) and access to the House of Chimes", however everything is the exact same as before except for "You are already an Exceptional Friend. Thanks for your support." on the fate page. I don't have more opportunity card spaces, actions, or access to any more stories that I previously had after paying. Does it take a while to update?

Alexis Kennedy Jun 10, 1:51pm

Hello! It's a secure (https) IFRAME using this service: ...they're the ones who store the credit card details, and they're fully PCI certified.

Robert C Jun 9, 11:35pm

I was planning on renewing my exceptional friendship with a subscription, but I have to say - the credit card info pop-up feels incredibly sketchy. Can you tell me what kind of security you guys have? Because at this point, I think I'm going to just have to wait for Paypal support. Thanks. I do love the game.