Exceptional Story for November: The Crocodile Who Would Be King

By Stuart Young, October 28, 2021 · Fallen London

The Crocodile Who Would Be King

An alligator in the sewers? Nonsense! It’s clearly a crocodile, and Mr Inch is offering a bounty to anyone who can capture it: dead or alive. Embark upon a hunt beneath the city streets, confront what’s really lurking in the waterways, and try not to lose any body parts you’ve become overly accustomed to.

Writing: Chandler Groover
Editing & QA: James Chew
Art: Paul Arendt


In addition to a new, substantial, stand-alone story every month, Exceptional Friends enjoy:

  • Access to the House of Chimes: an exclusive private member’s club on the Stolen River, packed with content
  • Access to Mr Chimes’ Lost & Found, a shop in the Bazaar where you can exchange currency earned through playing Exceptional Stories for exclusive companions and items
  • An expanded opportunity deck: of ten cards instead of six!
  • A second candle: Twice the actions! 40 at once!

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Igor Nov 3, 6:06pm

Hello! I just wanted to say that the writing in this month's Exceptional Story was brilliant; it seized me instantly and never once faltered or staggered (I have to admit it is not unheard of for Exceptional Stories to have considerably weaker/repetitive writing around the middle). Opening with smart and witty humour (bringing back fond memories of Sir Pterry's works) and closing with descriptions simultaneously sensual and epic. Thank you! Hats off to Mr Chandler Groover!

William Elliss Oct 28, 11:24am

I've heard so many good things about Chandler Groover's stories, but I'm a new Exceptional Friend, so I haven't played any before. It's going to be a challenge to resist starting it before Hallowmas is over!