Failbetter’s 7th Birthday and Sunless Sea News

By Failbetter, January 11, 2017 · Failbetter Sunless Sea

Today is Failbetter Games’ 7th birthday!

With such an auspicious date to celebrate, we thought it only right to share some equally exciting news with you—Sunless Sea is coming to iPad this spring!


Zail your ship with a tap of your finger! The game will feature the full version of the original PC game, including all updated content, except for the Zubmariner expansion. Encounter zee-beasts and agonize over cannibalism on the go!

We’ve teamed up with BlitWorks (known for mobile versions of Invisible Inc., Don’t Starve, Broken Age and Bastion, among others) for development and adapted the game’s mechanics for touch controls so zailors can explore the Unterzee with a simple tap of the finger.

Sunless Sea will require iOS8+ and will be compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or higher.


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Hannah Flynn Jan 27, 10:42am

It's unlikely that there will be a version of the iPad game for iPhones in future: we can make it work on an iPhone, but it's only playable on the biggest screen size and it isn't a great experience. We may well look at it again if iPad is a runaway success!

Skyr Jan 26, 12:03pm

Disappointing to see that you'll be neglecting a vast majority of mobile users by not bringing to Android in the future as well. At least it works well through remote play from the computer. I would have been willing to buy the game again however.

Sum Jan 22, 12:48pm

Hello, and happy birthday to Failbetter! Just a quick question to the exciting news, after Sunless Sea is released to iPad, will there be a version available in the future for iPhones with iOS8+ ?

Hannah Flynn Jan 16, 11:21am

Hello! Android version is unlikely I'm afraid. Discount - it won't cost as much on iPad, but further discount will be a question of Apple Store sales, and not specific to current owners. Thanks!

Adestrix96 Jan 13, 11:37pm

Is there any chance that sunless sea may be avaliable on android phones some day? :)

Kamion Jan 12, 8:27pm

I do have a couple question about this first off is this expected to come to android and if there are any dates that are suggested. I also want to know if those people who have bought sunless sea on PC will see a discount on the mobile version.

Sunless Sea will wash up terror and cannibalism on your iPad this spring | lamurdiwoblog Jan 12, 2:25pm

[…] It was Failbetter Games’s seventh birthday yesterday, and so, to mark the occasion, the London-based studio decided to make an announcement. You remember that terrific nautical adventure game Sunless Sea (2015)? The one in which you sailed across a vast, dangerous ocean, collecting a range of stories, scars, and probably losing your sanity? Well, it’s only been available on PC before, but it’ll also be coming to iPad this spring. […]

Dearmou Jan 12, 6:37am

Shame it's not going to be available on Android in the spring, but such is. Good on you guys, always looking forward to more stuff!

Michael Jan 11, 5:35pm

Any chance of an android release?

Ron Jan 11, 5:23pm

While playing Sunless Sea last night, I thought, "Man, I'm exhausted and want to go to bed, but I'd really like to keep playing." I pulled out my iPad and started playing Invisible, Inc. instead, and thought longingly that this game would be perfect for iPad. You guys just made my day! Will the Zubmariner content be coming down the line?

Phill Jan 11, 3:44pm

Cool I am buying day one I need a good bedtime game thanks guys

Jonas Jan 11, 3:30pm

With these news, my list of features desktop can hold over mobile's tussled, windswept head grows a good bit closer to empty. Two obligatories, in the offer finger, take hand category: * Will Sunless Sea have us gnaw at the edges of our iPhones down the barely lit line? * Will Zubmariner make the dive to iOS eventually?

ivan Jan 11, 3:09pm

what a treat! eagerly anticipated. Good job!