By Failbetter, November 29, 2013 · Fallen London

For Christmas 2013 (or 1891, if you prefer) we have some treats for you.

– Mr Sacks, the Crimson Beast of Winter will once again be prowling from door to door, filling his sack with your offerings. Answer knocks with care. That’s still a while away.

– The Fallen London Advent Calendar! From 1st to 25th December, we’ll be publishing unique access codes at and . Each code will give you a snippet of sepulchrally Yuley narrative, and something besides: trinkets, magpie-treasures, and occasionally, something rare. Each will expire after a minimum of 24 hours; so watch closely.

– And right now, until the end of December, all action pools are doubled! Most players can enjoy a 20-action candle; Exceptional Friends are swimming in a lavish 40 actions. Nex-refreshes for actions are also twice as effective as usual.

Cheers! Drink deeply.

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