Fallen London Fan Art Competition: Fin de Siècle in Fallen London!

By Failbetter, September 5, 2017 · Art Fallen London

Delicious friends, we’re always exceptionally impressed with your incredible Fallen London art, and so we’re excited to hold another fan art competition!

This year, we’re celebrating the Early Access release of Sunless Skies, the spiritual sequel to Sunless Sea.

One of the main artistic influences of Sunless Skies is art nouveau, and so we thought what better way to celebrate Sunless Skies than the artistic theme of Fin de Siècle. It is, after all, 1895 in Fallen London.

For the sake of clarity, we’re happy for inspiration to come from any of the art styles from the 1890s-1900s, we’ll be quite loose with this, however, your art should focus on the world of Fallen London specifically—we’re only just beginning our own exploration of the art for Sunless Skies ourselves.

Feel free to get inspired by Aubrey Beardsley,  Margaret MacDonald, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Virginia Frances Sterret, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Auguste Renoir, Édouard Manet, or any other of the many wondrous artists of the end of the 19th century.

How to Enter

Create art in your chosen style on the following theme: Fin de Siècle in Fallen London!

Interpret this in any way you see fit, as long as the image obviously relates back to the theme. Winning entries will be judged by their use of the theme, rather than artistic ability.

Submissions must be sent to before midnight strikes in London on 8 October 2017. We will make sure to share all submissions on our Tumblr and Imgur so everyone can see! If you’d like to share your submission on your own Tumblr, please include the tag #FL Fan Art Competition 2017

We will review all the entries and repost a gallery of our top 10. The top 10 will be up for community vote 16th – 22nd October, and all 10 will receive a copy of our game Sunless Skies! The top 3 will receive:

The Prizes


Exclusive Fallen London jewellery and badge

Our carefully crafted Dawn Machine jewellery! These very limited edition pieces are hand-made by us from laser-cut acrylic. You will also receive either a bat, rat or hat badge.

100 Fate and 3 months of Exceptional Friendship

This means 3 months of two candles, 10 cards to draw, access to the House of Chimes and 3 brand-new stories, plus enough Fate to sample some Fate-locked stories (or just refresh actions furiously).

A copy of Sunless Skies and its soundtrack!

Our game Sunless Skies, which has just launched on Early Access will be yours! Fly your locomotive across the High Wilderness! (Note: these keys will give you access to the full-release as well, not just Early Access. The soundtrack, once completed, will be added automatically to your account after you’ve redeemed your game code).

Competition Guidelines

  1. The piece must fit the theme of the Fin de Siècle in Fallen London. It doesn’t have to be a new piece, but pieces which clearly don’t fit the theme will not be taken into account.
  2. Please, nothing NSFW. We’ve got interns; their minds are still so very fresh.
  3. JPGS, GIFS and PNGs will be accepted. See Tumblr’s image guidelines to make sure your image will look its best.
  4. The competition is open internationally. The piece must be made by you, and submitted by you.
  5. Your ask must be open, or you must include alternate contact details when posting your piece. If we can’t contact you within a week of voting closing, we’ll move on to the person with the next highest number of votes.
  6. Any attempt to manipulate voting will be cause for disqualification. We trust you not to do anything like this, and to know when ‘trying to drum up support’ turns into spamming or manipulating either the system or other people.
  7. Full terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, drop us an ask and we’ll try to help.

Good luck, delicious friends!


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Anonymous Sep 5, 3:31pm

How closely related to Fallen London does it have to be? Would, say, a person in period-appropriate clothes in an Art Nouveau style fit the bill, or would it have to depict canom characters or places or...?