Fallen London is 10!

By Hannah Flynn, January 11, 2020 · Fallen London

Welcome to our celebrations for Fallen London’s 10th birthday!

10th Birthday Playbill v3


What brought you to the Neath?

The long wait is over. The Ambitions will conclude over the coming weeks, with each receiving their final instalment in three parts. The first parts will arrive as follows:

  • Nemesis: 14 January
  • Bag a Legend: 3 March
  • Light Fingers: 31 March
  • Heart’s Desire: 21 April

And as for what comes next, even death isn’t an end in Fallen London. We are already busy on new stories, systems and advancements to ensure that completing your character’s Ambition won’t be the end of your game.

Memories of Fallen London Competition

Ten years is a long time, and we’ve seen you get up to all sorts of inventive and unexpected things across the decade – but there’s plenty we must have missed! Share your memories of the Neath for the chance to win an exclusive prize.

Submit your memories in any format you like (written, drawn, baked, crafted, photographed – as you please!) and our favourites in each of the following categories will win a [REDACTED] Companion for their Fallen London character!

  • Worst Idea of the Decade: What’s the foolhardiest thing your character has ever done?
  • Most Characterful Affectation: What’s unusual about your character and their lifestyle?
  • Best Headcanon of the Decade: What’s clearly true, according to you?
  • Co-Operative Play of the Decade: What has another player done for you that’s made your day? (Both of you will receive a [REDACTED] Companion if you win.)
  • Real Life Memory of the Decade: How has the Neath had an effect on your Surface life?

You can enter via the dedicated channel on our Discord, the dedicated thread on our forums, or via email to

Written entries may be a maximum of 300 words long. Entries in any other format can be accompanied with up to 100 words of explanatory text.

The competition is open internationally, and will close on 10 February 2020 at noon GMT. Here are the full terms and conditions. Good luck!


Our merchandise partners at Gametee have created the most exquisite set of Storridge’s Definitely Unmarked Playing Cards.


Londoners do love a game of cards, from the honey-dens of Veilgarden to the back rooms of the exclusive House of Chimes.

The suits (Bats, Hats, Cats and Rats) and individually-illustrated face cards are rich with Neathy flourishes and characters: the Banded Prince, Jack of Smiles and even the Traitor Empress herself all appear. This illustrious deck has seen some life in the Neath, but it remains entirely suitable for any of your favourite Surface card games. Find the right game, and perhaps you’ll win your Heart’s Desire.

These are available in limited quantities, so please act swiftly if you would like to own a deck!

What’s a Birthday Without Gifts

If you haven’t already redeemed them, our Twitter and Discord have some birthday gifts for your character, five in all. Enjoy!

What else is in store?

Fallen London is having a whole season of excitement in celebration of its 10th birthday. Lots of game updates, including some extremely exciting updates to the site. Some special events, new stories, and quite a big surprise to cap it all off!

There’s a tremendous amount to come; if we showed you everything at once, it would be quite blinding! To stay in contact with us, we recommend Twitter, Discord and our Forums.


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Rohger May 1, 4:24pm

Congrats on 10 years! I just found the game last month from the news post about the 10 year celebration on Sunless Seas Steam page and really enjoying myself.

Mr. Zone Jan 14, 3:05am

Congratulations! The impact Failbetter, Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and Sunless Skies have all had on my life cannot be overstated. I love your world and the way you have always interacted with the community. Thank you for your amazing work over the years! Here's to the hope and curiosity of what may come if the Fallen London world reaches the year 2000!

Cirsium Jan 12, 4:37am

Jessica, the stories' conclusions will be available, but you will still be able to go through them at your own pace <3

Cirsium Jan 12, 4:35am

Even though I've only been playing FL for a little over a year, I've found such a wonderful community in its fanbase and players. To the people I rp with, and the ones I don't; to those who I befriended in the beginning; to the ones I met a meager month or two ago; to my patrons, past and present; to the ones I interact with regularly; and those I might not contact as often as before: I love ya. I won't forget you. Thank you, FBG, for creating this game. It's meant a lot to me.

Merry Muddles Jan 11, 7:46pm

I hope that when the ambitions are all complete, we can finally play more than one ambition.

Jessica Jan 11, 7:33pm

So for those of us who are fairly new to the game, does this mean we have to hurry because the Ambition quests will be gone after they conclude? Or do you just mean the full story will now be available for when we level our skills enough to complete them?