Fallen London is out now on the App Store!

By Hannah Flynn, April 19, 2016 · Fallen London iOS

Delicious friends, the day has finally come! You can download Fallen London on the App Store right now. Interested in an Android version? Sign up here for news.


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Hannah Flynn Dec 2, 12:03pm

We had to remove the app from the store yesterday for a serious bug, but it has been updated and should return today. :)

Luc Alexander Dec 1, 9:35pm

I have the app on my iPad and wanted to have it on my iPhone 5 as well... But the App Store tells me that it is not available in Canada. How is this possible? I downloaded it not even a month ago.

Hannah Flynn Jul 22, 9:01am

Please send a bug report to Thanks!

Shalinoth Jul 13, 8:23pm

Downloading it for my new iPhone now. The music started (ooooooh), the silhouette was scrolling (aaaaaaah), images haf updated but now it keeps freezing at "checking for content updates". The disc keeps turning and music is playing, but no progress past that.

Deema Jun 25, 11:31pm

Yay for Android version! Please make it happen. Playing through the browser on mobile is getting tedious.... Thank you for the delicious past time!

Lottie Bevan Apr 25, 10:30am

Hey there, Failbetter's Producer here. Lemme address all the points you've raised:

- Maya: that's certainly not how the app should work! Send me a ticket at and we'll sort it out for you.

- Dave and Laura: apologies for the trouble! We've experienced an unprecedented amount of users since launch, which caused a few hiccups for some players. The latest available update on the App Store goes some way to addressing the issue, and servers are now back up. If you run into any further issues, don't hesitate to send a ticket to and we'll set things right again.

- Lizmeis: delighted you're excited about the potential Android app! We'll be making a decision in the near future based on how the app goes down with iOS users. We'll be sure to let you know. :)

Lizmeis Apr 24, 11:09pm

I'm very interested in Fallen London for android so I can stay close to the game at all times. Actually, I'm surprised it came out for iPhone first since there are many more android users. That's okay. I patiently await. (or not so.) I just started arrived in Fallen London a couple days ago. Thanks for the wonderful game. <3 Lizmeis

Laura Apr 22, 1:24am

Server offline Love the game but have not been able to access all evening. Where should I check for updates.? Thanks

Dave Apr 21, 10:50pm

I've never played this in a browser. After hearing positive feedback, I just downloaded the app. While installing files, I received the message "servers down". Thus ended my experience with your game. Sorry guys.

Maya Apr 21, 10:17am

Neither my current fate stash nor my subscription seem to be reflected In the mobile version ;((( (though I do get my 40 action points)