Fallen London Redesign to go live 5th June

By Failbetter, May 23, 2018 · Fallen London

Delicious friends, we are wildly excited to announce that the Fallen London website redesign will go live Tuesday the 5th of June!


After eight or more years unchanged, the Fallen London website has received a full visual redesign. We’ve also used this time to make many general improvements to the overall user experience of the site.

Other updates include:

  • Making Fallen London responsive so it can be played in mobile browsers
  • Tech updates (it’ll now be in HTTPS, huzzah!)
  • Reorganisation of the Myself, Possessions, and Bazaar areas to make finding info and items more efficient

It’s important to bear in mind that after the redesign goes live, we’ll still be working on making some final tweaks as well as bug fixes. A huge thanks to all the beta testers who’ve helped us along the way! Once live, any feedback or bug reporting will continue to be tremendously useful – these can be sent directly to

A wonderfully new Fallen London is coming your way very soon, delicious friends!

Please enjoy a quick little demo video of the new site:



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Craig Tierney Jun 5, 2:43am

What I'm really hoping for in regard to fallen London development, what I've been hoping for since Sunless Sea was released, is that at some point in time, a premium single purchase offline version of Fallen London (with all of the no energy meter and related microbuys) will be made. I'd pay a good 30 or 40 dollars Canadian for such a game, because while I'm fine with paying for access to additional story content energy meters are the worst.

Cernunnas May 30, 8:48am

Wow!! Good job, guys! It was quite needed and it looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it live next week.

Number 1 May 29, 9:58pm

Aw, can we please have the fifth outfit slot called "Eccentric" or "Outlandish" for BDR purposes? Or maybe call it "Talking to the Amanuensis", as that's really the reason I personally need it for.

Maelstrom May 29, 6:39pm

As someone who has just begun studying web development, everything you've done here is extremely impressive! Can't wait to enjoy a fresh Fallen London

Revennon May 29, 11:51am

Everything looks, the new graphics all look very pleasing. And I especially the new search function! Two thumbs up!!!

Kharon404 May 27, 8:41pm

Good job!

Zabylin May 27, 4:16pm

Love it! You added a search function!!! I did play the app version quite a lot and I like that this has incorporated some of the aspects of that one (without the sync drama). The new map looks great too.

Michelle May 27, 3:18pm

I'm so glad about the search function - I hope there will be one in the journal as well? I very much need a way to look back through all my Ambition content because it has been years since I started, and don't want to continue (now that there finally is new content, thank you) while still not remembering what happened before...; rereading Dreams would be great too. The fifth card slot is good too! It looked so awkward on five-card lodgings, having that extra row for one card. The one real upside the app had for me compared to the browser version was the music! So great for the atmosphere, and it made it feel more connected to Sunless Sea. Please add that (a "music on/off" option would be best) if you aren't working on it already! I rarely played FL in a mobile browser because the layout and stuff was so awkward, and not much in the app either because of sync issues (and on my old phone many images and the map weren't being displayed or not displayed correctly), so I appreciate that it's all in the browser version now (no more sync issues!) but adapted to also work on mobile browsers.

Grodowich May 26, 10:32pm

Awesome! My only complaint is how clean it looks. The old website felt just that, old, which I've always found appropriate for the context of the story. Now it looks a little too modern, and I believe making the interface look more like a page from an old book (darker brown, with rough edges, etc.) would prevent that. Nitpicks aside, it does look good, the new map is wonderful and the functionality is so much better.

Ignatius Stone May 26, 6:16pm

Please add an equipment slot for BDR.

Vael Victus May 26, 5:47pm

Looks great, well done. One small and easy request: If you can't process the linebreaks in the backend, at least put 'white-space: pre-line;' on the Messages tab (.tab_content p) to clean it up a bit. It really does look unprofessional.

Monara May 26, 8:39am

I'm impressed with the improvement made since the beta closed, and I see several changes that were implemented based on the feedback that was given. Outfits at the top, search options everywhere, new view for narrow browser windows, and so on. I'm looking even more forward to it now. One thing the video doesn't convey is how the mobile experience is massively improved! No more awkward shenanigans needed to attempt to view tooltips, way better responsiveness, etc. I think the people that don't like the new look will get used to it and appreciate the other improvements too. And there is always the possibility of user themes if you are really attached to the old look.

Aggrovated Autist May 25, 4:30pm

Will there be a way to retain the traditional view? I've played for too long and I don't like change.

Harold Arkendt May 25, 7:41am

Irrigo How does one acquire such a colour from the Chelonate when charts don't show ease of access? You reveal too much

Mr. Iron May 24, 8:53pm

Blast. Trying to make it look like I was writing with both hands simultaneously. Program just ignored extra spaces. Why can I not be in chartacter?

Mr. Iron May 24, 8:51pm

I think that this Very nice how the art looks quite ama at the top fills out an zing. Will the tr d extends give it a mo avel button diss re realistic feel, as if yo eaper when you ur actually there. Nice are at parties an redesign! Defeientley m d stuff? Or will more in chartacter! ammessage just pop up?

GuesssWho May 24, 4:37pm

Aside from the art at the top I think this is a terrible idea

Pan Tofel May 24, 11:14am

It looks delicious, but NOW FIFTH EQUIPMENT SLOT for highest BDR? I was sure you would implement this, given how many people is asking for it on the forums...:(

Edgardo Castellini May 24, 9:09am

Very very good, I really like it. Just one problem: where is Maribeth contribution? The only thing I miss from the app is the music. Please, insert the option for the Fallen London tracks by Maribeth, thanks in advance.

Lilly Budgies May 24, 7:20am

Uuuuh! I am SO excited! When I clicked the link in your last email and entered Fallen London after such a long time, I was like "Huh, could do with a facelift!" (but please, never actually lift it back up to daylight! I love it down here). So figure my surprise reading these news! Woohoo, well played. Looking forward to it. Hugs!

Ryan Gannon May 24, 6:03am

I look forward to being able to play it comfortably on my phone.

Strawbreevee May 24, 5:08am

Wow. That redesign looks great!

Enodia May 24, 1:37am

My Lord. Thank you.

cgm9 May 23, 10:22pm

I've just found Fallen London and this update is going to greatly increase my play time! Thank you so much Failbetter! I can't believe I had never heard about this game.

ARTHUR FELIPE May 23, 10:05pm


Yang Yang May 23, 8:54pm

This looks pretty awesome. I can't wait to try it out myself. Kudos to the team.

Heather May 23, 4:57pm

Ooooh, lookit how nice it looks!

Älion Morphine Werther-Firesnuff May 23, 4:24pm

I am not a native English-speaker so it's hard to express what I really want to say: Honestly spoken after a first view of your preview-video ... I don't like the redesign very much. It looks too polished. The old design had something of a Victorian touch, which is now lost in the new design. The colour-design is also not very fitting to the story - the game should have a darker colour-scheme. I think you simply took the design of the app you've closed down in March and used it to replace the browser-version. Along with these first impressions there are also some positive words: it's very helpful that you've implemented a search option in the inventory. Greets to you, thanks for a year of fun with your game. Keep up the good work. Älion Morphine Werther-Firesnuff

Vishwas S May 23, 4:10pm

I want this now :)