Fallen London Site Redesign: Open Beta 2.0

By Failbetter, August 16, 2018 · Fallen London

We’re very excited to announce that we’re opening up the beta access for the Fallen London site redesign again. Our tech team have been working ferociously to herd and tackle bugs found in our first launch, and we’ve had some extremely dedicated volunteers helping us within a closed beta.

Now we’ve reached the stage where we want to invite more players so that we can load test the site and make sure that our fixes stand sturdily even with more traffic.

If you’d like to help us find bugs and kick around a few things to make sure everything’s working smoothly, you can hop on at

We’ve already received plenty of feedback about the design of the site, so at this time we’re only looking for bug reports, which can be sent directly to

Note: Your character’s progress will continue to save no matter if you’re on the beta site or the current live site (or if you switch back and forth). If for any reason you notice any problems with this, be sure send an email to the address above.


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Riley Aug 29, 9:51pm

I would love to provide feed back/bug responses for your site as I am in love with fallen London, sunless sea and sunless skies. Thank you

A Man Of Principle Aug 24, 3:24pm

While the thumbnail at the head of the page gives an added kindness to the eyes, I fear the inteface is less in tone with proceddings than it was before. I am sure this comes to late, but it will be a shame to lose the so fitting art of Alpha. I think my melencholy just increased.

Brandi Weed Aug 22, 7:09pm

I wanted to rescind part of my previous comment regarding things I observed in the beta. The status bars were the same across both versions of the game; I had simply misread them. The problem with the Confound the Constables and Assist the Fisher Kings storylets still stands AFAIK. Sorry, Brandi Weed

Alastair Aug 22, 9:28am

I cant log in with my google plus account with new beta. That log in still works fine for the original game.