Hallowmas 1897

By Hannah Flynn, October 24, 2019 · Fallen London


The gaslamps flicker in the street. Sensible Londoners draw their curtains close and bank their fires high in their hearths. The Season of Hallowmas is here.

Hallowmas has returned to London! The Feast of Masks! A free festival, open to all citizens.

Hallowmas is a time of licence and liberty, when Londoners are permitted to don masks and engage in activities of dubious respectability.

Go masked to exclusive Hallowmas parties. Raise your scandal, suspicion and nightmares, and unburden yourself to the seven Attendants. Expose certain of your Companions to the sights of Hallowmas and leave them changed.

The Feast of Masks

There’s a lot you can get away with when wearing a mask.

There are three masks available at Hallowmas. Select yours, gain access to a secretive Hallowmas revel, and indulge yourself to raise your Scandal, Suspicion or Nightmares.

The Attendants

In the small hours of the morning, seven individuals were brought to the Bazaar. Their identities concealed, each is now only the bearer of their mask. They have become the Attendants.

Many Londoners wear masks. Only seven have been called on to do so by the Masters themselves.

The Smiling Jester. The Glasswhisper. The Knight of Numbers. The Silent Shame. The False Student. The Fool’s Apostate. Hammerstrike.

Specific combinations of Confessions can be brought to the Visitors if you have a certain Companion. These Confession combinations can then be used to upgrade that Companion to a new, Hallowmas version.


Confessions will be released for free during the Festival, and also available to buy for Fate. You will receive a maximum of 13 free Confessions (some in week one, and more in week two).

There are six types of Confession in total, though not all will be available until the second week of the festival. Confessions can be unlocked on the Streets of London: Hallowmas 1897 card, and traded with other players to achieve the combination you desire.

In order to make a trade with someone else in Fallen London, you will need to add them as an acquaintance, either by visiting their profile page and clicking ‘add contact’ or by typing in their character name during the trade.

The Spirit of Hallowmas

Throughout the festival, look for a card in the Opportunity Deck called The Fool’s Judgement. This will allow you to convert Scandal, Suspicion or Nightmares into Spirit of Hallowmas.

At the end of the festival, you’ll be visited by a special character who will provide rewards dependent on the level of your Spirit of Hallowmas. The nature of this character will depend on the Menace you’ve most frequently converted.


The Feast of Masks, when opposites meet at midnight! This is the season of unexpected guests… who carry terrible glimpses of possible futures.

Acquire a destiny, or change yours for a new one. This can only be done at certain times of the year, so take advantage of the chance! Begin with Attract a Visitor at Hallowmas.

Your Presence is Awaited

This year, London’s Feast of Masks will take place from 24th October until the 7th of November.

You will be able to glimpse your Destiny from the 31st of October.

After the festival closes on the 7th, you’ll be able to turn in confessions and claim rewards until the 14th.

We hope you enjoy the revels!

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