Helicon House

By Sara Veal, September 10, 2020 · Fallen London

The building has been built since the Fall. The masonry is Neath-stone, and the glazing is new. But in style it recalls the reign of Queen Anne. The woodwork has been intentionally scuffed to make it look a few centuries older.

We invite you to travel to Ealing Gardens and explore Helicon House, an artistic haven for Rubbery Men and Bohemians. This is now available to those of you who have advanced your railways.

Helicon House is the latest development in the formation of the Great Hellbound Railway Company, London’s new railway line to Hell’s Hinterlands. There are many ways to gain admittance, but Friends of Bohemians and Rubbery Men will receive a special welcome.

Although the social scene has changed since the Tentacled Entrepreneur lost the election, there is still much to discover and experience. The further storyline we have in mind for the Tentacled Entrepreneur and his friends will still appear, but not until after the Viscountess has had her day.

Enjoy Helicon House on your own or invite favoured companions to access unique opportunities. (Your choice of companion will change what you can do there.)

You can find a range of Watchful and Persuasive, Glasswork and Shapeling Arts challenges, as well as a way to raise your Shapeling Arts cap.

You may also find new topics of conversation to raise with the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle, who can once more be found in her Parabolan domain.

We trust you will encounter much inspiration and intrigue during your visits to Helicon House and leave you with this recommendation: if you shake tentacles with any of the artists, don’t wipe your fingers immediately…

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