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We’re trying an experiment in Illuminating community contributors: more about it here.


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“You’ve Been Chosen” – BioWare Teases New Horror Game | What's Your Tag? Jul 26, 1:37am

[…] A website was launched for the game, though at this stage it only seems to be creating a mailing list for those interested in the game. The full title, the plot, even gameplay has not been revealed, but speculation is running wild on the internet. BioWare had hinted about a game not having a ‘singular story’, leaving some to wonder if the developer could be toying with the idea of an ARG, or alternate reality game. A good example of an ARG is the popular web series Marble Hornets, which focuses on the mythology of Slenderman, and a series of ‘real life encounters’ with the terrifying figure. Another theory floating around the internet is that this could be currently unknown joint title with Failbetter Games. […]

BioWare Teases New Game With ‘Nightmare’ Teaser Trailer Jul 25, 12:53pm

[…] other option is BioWare’s unrevealed project with Failbetter Games, the developer best known for creating Fallen London and Sunless Sea. The […]

~autolycus May 13, 8:26pm

I wanted to be an Illuminatus, but I don't think I'm involved enough to qualify. Never mind, I wish you all the best and look forward to being enlightened. :)