Fallen London, StoryNexus and Sunless Sea: or, can I import my Fallen London character?

By Failbetter, July 31, 2013 · Sunless Sea Tagged with ,

We want to allow people to take some of their Fallen London history into Sunless Sea. But we don’t want to make life cripplingly difficult for ourselves, and we don’t want to disadvantage people who haven’t played Fallen London. Here’s our current thinking. (Ed – this was current thinking in July 2013, and it did not work out this way in the finished game.)

When you begin a game of Sunless Sea, we’ll give you the option of connecting to Fallen London/StoryNexus for content updates and unlocks. (You never have to do this – you can just play the base content as shipped – and you don’t need an Internet connection to do anything but download new content. Sunless Sea is an offline experience.)

When you’re connecting to StoryNexus, we’ll check if you have a Fallen London character and ask if you want to base your new SS Captain on it. If you do, you can optionally import name, gender, portrait, and a limited number of pets and storylines – just the things that Sunless Sea knows about, and that aren’t unbalancing.

Note that ‘base on’. If you’re importing Fallen London character information, we’ll ask you if your Captain is your Fallen London character, or is actually their heir, child, sponsor, lover or adversary. This won’t have any substantial fictional effect – but it will tweak character generation and help you build your personal fiction. You may also find this feels more consistent if your Fallen-Lond0n-export Captain dies. And they probably will die. The Unterzee is, if you’ll excuse the classical reference, dark and full of terrors. But even that isn’t the end: see the post upcoming on Shipwreck, Death and Legacies





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Denubis Banere Aug 12, 12:27am

And, of course, if you sink, the FL character gets to visit the boatman. This *should* be fairly easy to do with metaqualities, and could be a very fun little diversion.

Denubis Banere Aug 12, 12:26am

I would love it if, for some backers, we could chauffeur our FL character. Maybe a 10 action thingo at wolfstack sets a metaquality "Guest on a zee-boat" and then we have to run this passenger around in sunless sea (and get them to their destination).

Woogawoman Aug 7, 2:56pm

Looking forward to the game! I just hope I can keep my captain alive longer than I seem to last in Dont' Starve. :D

Alexis Kennedy Aug 7, 4:36am

No plans for a multiplayer mode at the moment, I'm afraid.

Griffin Aug 6, 11:50pm

This game looks really great and I only have one question: Will there be a multiplayer mode? I think it would be awesome to compete against or work with a friend in a multiplayer, or fight them ship-to-ship.

exbigg Aug 1, 9:24pm

Great ideas... I am going to wait with the questions until the kickstarter launch. ( where I am definitely going to donate! ) I don't know how you're going to do it but I bet it'll be good, but I still think that permadeath of the crew is okay, they're my expendable 'minions' ( unless you're going more of a mass effect way ) but I don't want perma death on my captain. I wish you guys good luck!

spiralx Jul 31, 3:46pm

Finally a use for that Daughter in the Shadows I appear to have acquired :)

Landalos Jul 31, 3:19pm

Amazing ideas. The only thing that bothers me is 'Sunless Sea' instead of 'Zunless Zee' :D

failbetter-admin Jul 31, 1:26pm

We have to be careful with balance, since the ship is such a core part of the game. So ship ownership in FL might unlock possible ship purchases in SS, or might make them cheaper, Zubmarines are likely to be (whisper it) a stretch goal.... in which case once again, Zubmarine ownership might unlock or reduce the price of an SS ship.

Fuzzy Jul 31, 1:19pm

If we own a ship in FL will that be some of the info that SS will look for? (I love my zubmarine)

zoddthehuman Jul 31, 12:03pm

I like that we'll get a bit of a bonus (mostly story related), and not some gamebreaking shenanigans (Hesperidean Cider). :) And I would just like to add that the night in fact knows nothing about being dark and full of terrors, and would follow that up with: "You know nothing, Night Dark."

failbetter-admin Jul 31, 11:44am

A little of each and a third ingredient. More in an upcoming post...

Herm Jul 31, 11:24am

I like it. It gives loyal players a little extra while hopefully not being unbalancing. Are you thinking permadeath here, FTL-style, or can your captain return from the slow boat and start over from the beginning?