Interactive Fiction meetup in North Greenwich

By Failbetter, January 29, 2014 · Narrative Tagged with

It’s always very hard to type ‘Emily Short’ without prepending ‘the legendary’. I nearly managed it this time. Anyway, Em is organising Oxford and London interactive fiction meetups. These are intended to be informal and friendly:

“Meet to play and discuss interactive fiction of all kinds, from classic Zork-style text adventures to Twine games to interactive ebooks. And if you’re an IF writer as well as reader and player, this is a chance to find fellow authors, trade experiences, find beta-testers and get help with commonly used IF tools.”

The first is in Oxford next weekend. We’re hosting the second at our offices on February the 18th at 7pm. Come on up.


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Angel Nov 19, 8:29pm

I have enjoyed thikning of the whales this week. I miss their tails (I first typed tales ha!) waving at us from the channel. We could see them from our lanai when we lived on Maui.Night before last, as part of a connected web of many dreams, I had this whale dream:There is a shelf in what seems to be a closet or built-in bookcase (the room/house is crowded and the light is low). The shelf is just barely above my eye level, and full of what appears to be (at first) firewood-size logs. Then I see that they are carved; the one closest to me is roughly shaped like an orca and intricately carved in the Northwest US tribal way. There are people near me, and I begin to explain the origin and use of these carvings, as I trace the design with my finger. (I have a sudden feeling of being related to the carver, although that is not the literal case outside of the dream.)If it were your dream, what would it mean?

dragonridingsorceress Feb 6, 1:34am

Please tell me there will be one of these in early-to-mid June, when I actually have a chance of being in that hemisphere? And that you will welcome an Antipodean interloper. That sounds quite amazing.