London’s Social Calendar after the Feast of the Rose

By Sara Veal, February 22, 2021 · Fallen London

The Feast of the Rose is now entirely over, and Lilac is no longer available to accept Masquing.

What to look forward to next?

Through early March, we’ll be continuing to make small updates and improvements, but the next major new event in Fallen London will be the Parabolan War.

Elected as Lord Mayor in the last Election, the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle has opened a new front in the great conflicts of Parabola. Players will be able to participate in the myriad campaigns of the grand Parabolan Wars, establishing themselves a power in their own right. The factions of Parabola will take notice, however, and you will find yourself courted by various Parabolan powers who desire your assistance in achieving their own various ends.

The Parabolan War will be new, permanent content in the game. Players who have a Parabolan Base-Camp will be able to choose sides and take part in that conflict, while Londoners who have yet to reach Parabola may see rumblings of what awaits them there.

In the meantime, players curious about the lore of cats and Fingerkings may enjoy the stories in the Mirrors and Claws story bundle – and February’s Exceptional Story, The Fair Unknown, speaks to other powers to be found in the land beyond the mirror.

After the release of the Parabolan War, players building the Great Hellbound Railway will find themselves with access to The Hurlers, an ice-rimed wasteland bearing the traces of the Discordance. We asked Chandler Groover, author of several fan-favourite Exceptional Stories about the Masters and the Correspondence, to contribute to this station, and we very much look forward to sharing what he’s done with the place.

Later in 2021… 

After these new elements and following the Whitsun season, GHR builders can look forward to Marigold Station, reconnecting with the end of the Moloch Line, outside the gates of Hell.

We’ll also be launching our revised Zee content: making better use of the Unterzee map, adding new story elements, and improving the zailing experience for all players with a ship.

Meeting Your End, or Metempsychosis, remains on the drawing board, but will launch much later than we initially planned. We saw so much enthusiasm for the Great Hellbound Railway that we expanded its scope quite a bit beyond what we’d initially imagined, with larger stations and a more extensive storyline. That has meant revising the rest of our schedule accordingly. Moreover, we heard a lot from players about what you’re hoping to see (or not to see) in the Metempsychosis content – feedback we’re bearing in mind as we refine the design.


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Villads Mar 2, 4:10am

Exciting times in the neath! I'm extremely curious about content in hell, hoping they'll be some new story lines there and it won't just be a random "what the hell just happen" situation like traveling by boat. Maybe my newly acquired Quiet Deviless can be of assistance as well as the 10,000 souls and brass I've saved up. Here's hoping for some hella trading!

Vael Victus Feb 24, 2:02pm

Joe, there should be no reason you need to pay Fate for a character slot. At the point someone is ready for Metempsychosis, they've likely played and paid enough to "deserve" it for free.

Thighs Feb 23, 3:28pm

I can't wait for it to be Wednesday in Parabola.

Joe Feb 23, 6:08am

Here's hoping we can pay a very substantial amount of fate to play a metempsychosis reroll character, yet keep our current character as well. I want to experience FL from a new perspective, as promised; I don't want to destroy my current character to do it.

IGN Dyanae Feb 23, 2:35am

While only slightly disappointed about metempsychosis, I very much look forward to reaching the end of the line. As to the parabolan war, part of me wonders if the two will not be involved with each other in some capacity or another. Well, probably more mirrortravel to marigold station, but you know what I meant. Exciting stuff.

Gentlo01 Feb 22, 8:45pm

It is high time that my political machinations lead to some real honest warfare! For the mayor, her coterie of kitties, and the Good Night's Sleep!!