LOSE YOUR MIND. EAT YOUR CREW. DIVE. Zubmariner is here!

By Hannah Flynn, October 11, 2016 · Zubmariner

Out now on Steam!

Take the helm of your zubmarine and set sail for the unknown! Zubmariner is the first expansion to Sunless Sea: deeper, darker, and more marvellous than anything you’ve seen before.

All the powers of the Neath agree: there is Nothing of Consequence beneath the Zee. They are lying. You’ve heard there are fortunes to be made by those brave enough – or hungry enough – to dare the deeps.

Disturb the aberrant societies that flourish in the dark. Defy wreckers. Seduce a Drownie. Embrace or condemn the distinctly un-British customs of these cold, fathomless places.

You will definitely die. Will your next captain dive?

Key features

  • More of the deep, compelling world of Sunless Sea and Fallen London, packed with stories and secrets. Dive into unplumbed abysses and claim their eerie blessings. Seek immortality.
  • More beautiful, hand drawn art. Let your curiosity take you to what lies beneath the Sea of Statues, Mount Palmerston, and the dread Dawn Machine.
  • Convert your ship into a Zubmarine and dive anywhere in open water to discover new cities, zee-beasts and environments to terrify your crew and slake your hungers.
  • 11 new underzee ports, each with their own tales and opportunities for the enterprising Trespasser. Visit Dahut, the city of drowned delights. Brave Wrack, where a Fair King rules the unforgivable. Explore Anthe, and sharpen your tongue, your liver, and your spleen.
  • Seek immortality in a new ambition! Track down the Seven Against Nidah, who once came within reach of eternal life. Can you succeed where they failed?
  • New enemies to face, from the cunning Wreckship to the inexorable Constant Companion.
  • Discover the treasures the zee has claimed. Explore ancient wrecks, avoid hostile witherweed, discover the unexploded Unclear Bomb.
  • Sanity is scarcer. Death is closer. We warned you, Trespasser. You should not have come.


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Hannah Flynn Oct 27, 10:24am

If you haven't already, email including proof of date of purchase, and we'll help you become united with your free copy.

Hannah Flynn Oct 27, 10:22am

I'm afraid not, it's a technical thing with Humble. We have to check that you own Sunless Sea when you buy Zubmariner, as the one won't work without the other.

Ozgur Ozan Cakmak Oct 17, 6:27am

Is there a way for us to buy it(zubmariner) directly from you, drm free like we did for sunless sea?

Nawj Oct 13, 8:29pm

Hey! Zubmariner looks great, and I never got around to picking up a copy of Sunless Sea. I'm planning on buying it tomorrow on GoG but I'm curious, does Zubmariner on GoG encompass all of the content from the base Sunless Sea? Because I see it as it's own installer standalone installer on GoG instead of a DLC/expansion pack to the regular Sunless Sea installer. Thanks, looking forward to playing.

Joel Oct 12, 7:44pm

A question: I bought Sunless Sea during early access via Humble Bundle, but it's not showing as lifetime edition on the license. I'm interested in getting Zubmariner, so any insight would be appreciated.

Christian Oct 11, 5:40pm

Finally! Is it necessary to start a "New Game"? Or is it enough to retire and start with a new captain?