#loveindies Week 2018

By Hannah Flynn, July 16, 2018 · Things We Like

We’re taking part in #loveindies Week: a celebration of the varied and glorious indie games we’ve played, and of you, the community who supports them (and us!).


All week we’ll be sharing our reviews of indie games the Failbetter team have played and loved recently (mostly on our Twitter), and we’d love to hear about titles we should check out! We’d also really appreciate it if you’d leave a review on Sunless Sea, Zubmariner or Sunless Skies on your platform of choice. Reviews, recommendations and ratings are so important to our success as an independent, and this goes for all of your indie creators. Even a thumbs up is a help!

In recognition of #loveindies week we have a couple of treats for you:

  • A rare sale on Fallen London exceptional stories! Until 1700 BST on 20 July, you’ll find HOJOTOHO!, Flint (both parts), Lost in Reflections, The Gift
    and The Empress’ Shadow are 25% off on the Fate page. These stories were voted your favourites in the most recent Fallen London subreddit poll (with thanks to the subreddit users and especially the sub mod, rahv7!).
  • Some Darkdrop Coffee to get your neathy week going. Each cup can be redeemed for 10 actions in your inventory.

Thank you for your fantastic support. We’ve been building Fallen London since 2009, and it’s your commitment to our strange little corner of gaming that’s allowed us to flourish and keep doing what we love.



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Jessica Fure Jul 22, 10:35pm

I don't play the other games; I was a backer, but I don't like them

Szadovar Jul 16, 4:23pm

May be just me, but Flint is strangely absent from my Fate page...