Making Your Name: Aromantic Options

By Bruno Dias, July 8, 2021 · Fallen London

Hello Delicious Friends,

Today we’re introducing two new options to the Making Your Name Persuasive Chain, allowing you to befriend new characters in Veilgarden and at the Empress’ Court.

In Veilgarden, you may run into a Cloistered Diatomist, a brilliant recluse who shuns society in favour of his art. Will you draw him out, and if so, what friendship might you forge with this enigmatic scientist? The Diatomist is available for those whose Name Signed With a Flourish is between 1 and 2.

At Court, a trio of brothers, the Unattainable Fashion-Flies, set the sartorial standard. Reputations rise and fall based on a raised eyebrow or a pursed lip from this modish trinity. Will you rise to the occasion and win their approval, or even their admiration?

The Fashion-Flies may be encountered when one’s Name Signed with a Flourish is at 5.

These new characters will allow you to progress through these early tiers of Fallen London content without requiring engaging in a romantic affair. We wanted to enable alternate means of progression, particularly for players who wished to play asexual or aromantic characters, as well as those uninterested in the particular romantic options available, or wishing to play a character with a single romantic interest, or in the case of Ambition: Nemesis, an enduring loyalty to a departed spouse or lover.


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M. Jul 19, 11:07am

Excellent news!

Marquise Jul 12, 4:53pm

This is a great addition, the persuasive MYN run was always such a drag for me for this exact reason! Very excited to try this out now.

Robles Jul 9, 4:13pm

Hmm. Might be time to start a new character. Or should I wait for metempsychosis? That might be awhile. 22? Christmas this year? Hmm.

Senator Wiggles Jul 9, 12:24am

Oh snap. Is there a way to reset signed with a flourish? I stopped at 4 because it made me uncomfortable, and I don't care to continue it with the current path I'm on.

Thighs Jul 8, 2:54pm

Long overdue, but a welcome sight!