Map for the Unterzee

By Sara Veal, September 15, 2020 · Fallen London

Untitled design (9)

There is now a map for the Unterzee!

  • When players are in an Unterzee area, they can view a map of the Unterzee locations showing their token and details about each
  • Experienced characters will be able to see all or most of the map immediately. For new players, the map will fill in slowly as they learn about each location.

We know voyages are unpopular and we are working on making them more fun and less frustrating. For now enjoy the pretties, we didn’t want to keep them from you as we finesse voyages.

We hope you enjoy exploring!


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Sedulous Sep 23, 1:30am

As someone who played Sunless Sea first but always found the voyages here to be more work than fun, I'm looking forward to this.

N8713240919290451235124 Sep 16, 7:09pm

Thank you! You(FB) should know that you’re the best.

Villads Sep 16, 12:47am

Awesome! Now I'll know if I missed anything (don't think so), however I do see how if people played Sunless Seas and then came to vanilla FL they would be let down. Voyages have never been difficult for me and my clipper! Moar beautiful graphics I say.

jabbers Sep 15, 7:14pm

Weird, I like voyages. On one right now, in fact. I'm sure the map will be cool, I just hope it doesn't diminish the mystique in the process. Which sometimes happens when the edges of an imaginary space are clearly defined....

Xavarius Sep 15, 5:07pm

Woo! I had no problem with them, but I am not surprised that other people did. Thank you for being so great, Failbetter. You are my favorite corporation.

Greg Sep 15, 4:58pm

Hooray, Fallen London! I've never objected to sea voyages, but the map is a great addition. (Didn't realize they were unpopular -- my guess is length of time away from social actions + concern about Making Waves/Notability grind?)

Zeeyo Sep 15, 2:23pm

As a player who originally came from SSea, and who modeled his character after a Zee Captain, THANK YOUUUUUUU.

Louis Sep 15, 12:25pm

I was just preparing a voyage for bone collection purposes. Knowing the quality of zailing shall be improving, I may have to postpone my journey until conditions improve.

kodak123 Sep 15, 11:24am

Love the colour scheme!