By Stuart Young, June 3, 2021 · Fallen London

Update (10th June 2021): Players can now build Marigold station and complete the Railway storyline.

Marigold Station sits in the very shadow of Hell. The white walls of that city loom on the horizon, like stormclouds before the first crash of thunder.
It is now possible to lay tracks towards Marigold Station – the final station connecting the Great Hellbound Railway with the Moloch St. Line, and concluding the storyline of the Railway and the Tracklayers’ Union. The station itself will become buildable from the 10th June.
Chart the lands under Hell’s shadow, embroil yourself in infernal intrigues, and perhaps even encounter some of the vanquished Princes of antique Hell. Explore the Lilymire, Saint Trezigor’s Folly and the Edict of Towers as you hunt for the lost Marigolds. Assist a Dauntless Knight in an impossible quest. Can Hell ordain redemption, and if so, at what price?

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Villads Jun 3, 6:57pm

So exciting!!! Can't wait to see if discordance doesn't fit into none of this somehow.