By Failbetter, October 24, 2013 · Art Sunless Sea

Fresh art from Paul! All these enigmatic souls are going into the game now. You can find out more about them in the Fallen London Hallowmas content…


THE BANDAGED POISSONIER. There are finer fish-cooks, but none more final.



THE GENIAL MAGICIAN. His experience with smoke and mirrors may be useful. But he can become disconsolate when his shirt-front is smutted with soot.



THE HAUNTED DOCTOR. A fine surgeon. Though he has a terrible fear of spiders.

THE NACREOUS OUTCAST. It can create appetising stew from the least promising materials. But whom does it speak to on deck in the quiet watches?

THE PRESBYTERATE ADVENTURESS. It’s unusual for a traveller from the Elder Continent to have served with the Royal Navy. But she’s an unusual woman. And an exceptional First Officer.

Find out little more in Fallen London…


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PagesFromLondon Nov 25, 8:56pm

"But then who's the murderer?" Mrs. Crawcase asked. "Simple, really. It's nobody. Jack-of-Smiles hasn't possessed anyone. It is-" The Implaceable Detective made a suitable dramatic pause. "-The Butler!" Collective gasps rose from the crowd. Except for the butler in question, who instead burbled something. "Mrs. Genbrandt, did you remember when Jack had attacked with the gas?" A vigorous nod came from the chemist. "It was a rising shape, similar to that of a... tentacle. I just barely saw it as I was reaching for my Tincture of Vigour." The Implaceable Detective nodded. "Exactly. And you, Prebyterate Adventuress? Do you remember the time when you rescued the butler from Jack?" The Adventuress nodded. "He stabbed him in the..." Her eyes went wide. "Exactly." The Implaceable Detective turned (dramatically, of course) to the Rubbery Butler. "There is only one thing left." The Rubbery Butler made a mournful noise. And slowly... He reached for his hat... The tentacle on his head held the knife of Jack-of-Smiles! -Quotations from a Penny Dreadful In the night, the Balanced Urchin woke to screaming coming from down the hall of his room in the dirty, abandoned shacks of the dock. It was little Molly, and some of the bigger kids, too screaming at the top of their lungs. Had a Starveling Cat broken in? It's breath had been enough to give the gang nightmares for weeks. But no, they were reading one of those penny dreadfuls again. The Balanced Urchin had warned them not to read such books. Their Nightmares stat would start rising. He picked up the book- and ten minutes later, the Special Constabulary, broke down the door, and sprayed the offending book with acid. The urchins who had read the book were taken to the Royal Bethelehem. Two years later, they had recovered from such a traumatic experience, until the Balanced Urchin had seen an Affable Rubber tip his hat to him. He was quickly rehabilitated under the full care of the Beth. All copies were quickly seized by the Ministry of Public Decency. And this is why Rubbery Men never take off their hats. This was a crazy story I made up from the rather humorous rare success for watching the Rubbery exhibit at Mrs. Plenty's Carnival, and the little tentacle thing on top of the Nacerous Outcast's head. Also, I know that Fallen London doesn't usually use names, but...

John Evans Dec 10, 7:17am

I just realized; If this game is successful, you could make a successor set in space called Sea of Suns...

Alexis Kennedy Oct 25, 10:20am

Not everyone in the Hallowmas content is a Sunless Sea officer, that's so.

Alexis Kennedy Oct 25, 10:16am

"Hi Hoss! There is an exactly even male/female split, with a contingent of 'neither' (the Nacreous Outcast should have been 'it', actually) in the planned officers. These are just the folk Paul happened to draw first.

Tigerfort Oct 25, 8:58am

Either is theoretically acceptable. "Whom does he speak to" is rather old-fashioned, but given the setting....

Jed Oct 24, 6:31pm

a new update! Off to Fallen London to begin Hallowmas preperations. I wonder if the haunted doctor and nacreous outcast are at all related to the happenings at a certain buoy. Wicked art and words as always.

Hoss Oct 24, 4:25pm

I love the art style so far! The Presbyterate Adventuress looks awesome! Will there be many female officer options, though? One thing I liked about Fallen London is that there were just as many female character options as male, but judging from the Sunless Sea art I've seen so far, you guys are skewing heavily towards male characters. That's... kind of upsetting to me, honestly. Having one woman in a line-up of men and male nonhumans does not make that line-up diverse. The ratio is still 5:1.

Aximillio Oct 24, 2:42pm

Does this mean that the Special Constable and the fate-locked one are other content?

Empsk Oct 24, 12:57pm

"But whom does he speak to on deck in the quiet watches" It's "to whom does he speak", surely?

hiram Oct 24, 12:38pm

lookin good guys! Can't wait!

zoddthehuman Oct 24, 12:14pm

I wan't to take more then one of them with me! :D Oh and something's up with the links, they redirect me to a 404 on the failbetter site.

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