New Social Act: Tea at Beatrice’s

By Bruno Dias, March 11, 2021 ·

Yes, for real. At last, you can invite other players for tea at Beatrice’s tea shop. This is intended as the final replacement for dining; something that has the same sense of presence and shared space without the technical issues dining had. The structure should be familiar from Coffee at Caligula’s, but the rewards, costs, and effects are much more similar to dining.

You can try out the new social act through a branch in ‘Attend to Matters of Society,’ which is found in Your Social Engagements.

As we announced earlier, we will retire dining from the game now that we have a replacement action we are happy with. This will happen on Monday, March 15th.


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CatCat Mar 16, 10:34am

I was Unaware that the "dining" thing had any issues. and dammit I was just about to get my green menace in the right level to get this "counterfeit" head too.

Amadeus Mar 11, 11:26pm

I can't say I'm not disappointed... I'm not sure why dining couldn't have simply been reworked to get rid of the problems, or rebuilt from scratch like Beatrice's but with food items. Now we have two hot-beverage-shop encounters and no meal-based social events. I really enjoyed the insight into how Londoners eat in the Neath (this was probably the most informative primer for newer players), and preparing and sharing a supper with a friend or partner made the world feel more... complete, somehow. I'll hold on to hope that perhaps a new food/meal-based social interaction will eventually be introduced, because it seems like there are at least a few other people who feel the same way about the role-playing and world-building significance of the dinner interaction.

dan Mar 11, 3:15pm

if you can't serve your friend a counterfeit head for dinner, what's the point of even having the internet??

Itsame Mar 11, 12:45pm

It would be interesting to know more about those technical issues with dining, personally i've never experienced any. Achlian Midnight at Beatrice's wasn't bad either though. But are we going to have to get along without eating now?

Indigo Clardmond Mar 11, 11:33am

I never thought I'd live to see the day... It''s beautiful... ;^;

Diptych Mar 11, 11:27am

OK, I've only tried two of the teas so far, but the descriptions make me really want some of those teas in real life.

Sergey Mar 11, 11:22am

What will happen with dinner preparations? We will lose them or they will just stay unused?

Hattington Mar 11, 11:18am

Odd comment, but I'm going to miss the idea of imagining my character eating real, weird food.