New social actions, and an update

By Bruno Dias, January 28, 2021 ·

As previously announced, today we have retired some old social actions and enabled new ones. You can read in more detail about this on the preceding post. If you’re eager to try them out, you can start writing and sending letters in Your Social Engagements; opportunities for social slights can be found in parties, working on an edition of your newspaper, or when talking to Mr Slowcake’s Amanuensis.

Since Tuesday’s announcement we’ve received a lot of feedback that we’d also like to address.

While the new Epistolary social action is intended partly as a replacement for dining, a lot of players told us that they will miss the social and role-playing aspects of dining. We’ve decided to keep dining in the game a bit longer while we work on a new social action intended specifically for this; we expect to launch that sometime this spring.

We also got a lot of questions from players about being limited to only sending letters to acquaintances in London, so we took another look and came to the conclusion that both new Social Actions can work without that restriction. You will still need to be in London to send letters, or to hire and encounter assassins related to Social Slights, but you will be able to target players who are not currently in London with those actions. You will be able to receive letters while away from London, but you will need to return to Your Lodgings to read them.

Another player request was being able to retain Sanguine Ribbons and Chess: Mastery of the Game. Now, if you trade those qualities in for new ones to keep making progress towards London’s Sinew and London’s Nerves, you will get a vanity quality you can keep.

Finally, we have removed the Making Waves and Confident Smiles effects from ‘snubbing’ an acquaintance; it should now be possible to prune your acquaintances list without harming the other character. Merely accepting a calling card to become someone’s acquaintance also no longer has an effect on Making Waves.


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Magnus8 Jan 29, 4:27pm

I love how the new option allow players with different profesions special, and allow special opportunities for cooperative roleplay. That being said, I feel the cost of free evenings for both opening and sending letters too much. I feel it discourages the interaction and motivates players to be more selfish with their action. I think it would be best to make it so that only one of those actions costed free evenings.

M. Jan 29, 1:25pm

The opportunity card "Calm Seas: Fair Zailing" (on The Broad Unterzee) contains the option "Correspond with a Fellow Scholar", which does involve sending and receiving letters from out of London, through Sulky bats used as messengers. It is, admittedly, very circumstantial, but I can't help wondering how it could be made to mesh better with the new letter system.

J. Jan 29, 3:20am

Lame change. Chess wasn't that buggy, and the new options are just boring echo sinks. Bad enough we'd lost knife and candle...

Richard Jan 29, 3:19am

Based on the comments below, it seems that there is a discoverability gap with regards to the ability to gain Sudden Insights from social Nightmare reduction and the ability to gain Hard Earned Lessons from social Wounds reduction. It would be good to disclose on the sending end that the recipient will have the option of using your offer of help to gain those items.

Verya Jan 29, 2:24am

Thank you for taking our feedback seriously! I'm elated that we still have dining, and this gives me a chance to use up the points I've accrued before you replace it with what you have planned. Thanks for making us feel like we matter, and like we're truly part of the game.

Michelle Jan 29, 12:28am

Very thankful that you allow sending letters to people outside of London now! Also I do like the RP aspect of dining together, so I'm glad that option isn't gone (yet) after all.

StW Jan 28, 9:34pm

Training newer players and gaining second chances is now ridiculously hard for Watchful and impossible for Dangerous. It was tedious before, with Chess and Sparring being complicated multi-action, but it's a necessary thing for the game as it is now. We need an analogue for Coffee and Loitering for two other stats. It even could be the same Chess and Sparring with trimmed mechanics to no longer annoy players with complex actions and not cause bugs. Or it could be something else, but we need that something.

Laura N. Jan 28, 6:49pm

Thank you! Thank you, FB team for addressing our concerns and letting us dine together as we, down here in the dark, do so enjoy!

Acer Pseudoplantatus Jan 28, 6:04pm

What about Kinfe and Candle, though? I'd love for it to make a return!

Dani_x Jan 28, 5:32pm

Hats off for this ꟻB⅁ !

Mirror Jan 28, 4:38pm

I enjoy the profession related options, but trying to trade letters back and forth with other players feels pretty limited with it taking a Free Evening to both send AND open letters. It feels really bad to have finished trading letters with a few other players only to realize I can't open anything I received until next week.

Sara Jan 28, 2:38pm

Looking through the list of new options, it's VERY disappointing that all of them seem to be geared toward endgame stats, also I can no longer find any option for early to mid-game characters for gaining Sudden Insights with the removal of Chess. I also can't find any Dangerous options at all, nothing in the new section, nothing added to replace Sparring, and zero way to gain Hard Earned Lessons. I don't know if there are things yet to be implemented, but a lot of this seems to have glaring oversights for anyone with stats below 150.